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Valentine’s Series

Singledom: cherish your freedom while it lasts

I have never been one for commitment. I can spend hours mulling over a simple decision, weighing the pros and cons, before finally making a choice and (maybe) sticking to it. It shouldn’t come as any surprise then that I can’t commit to a significant other. My lack of commitment has never phased me but

The spirit of Valentine’s Day

Ah, love is officially in the air and so are unseasonably warm temperatures for this time of year. But that’s a different story. It’s almost Valentine’s Day, the day when a guy in a diaper shoots people in the butt with arrows, and somehow we’re okay with it. It’s Cupid, and it’s love, so we can

Music to fuck to this Valentine’s day

We’re all familiar with lists of love songs and sexy songs (Al Green, anyone?) coming out around Valentine’s Day. This has been done and done again, but one important sector of love-related music has been undeservedly ignored. I refer, of course, to music you can fuck to. During February, as the ice outside temporarily thaws and

The Bachelor(s): U of S Edition

Single on Valentine’s Day? Starting to think there aren’t any more good men in the world? Natahna Bargen has gone ahead and found three hot bachelors on campus worth approaching — so put on that lip gloss and get ready to be one step closer to the man of your dreams!

The art of breaking up

There is no denying that we live in a “couple society” where romance and partnership are highly publicized and idealized. Relationships are a main topic of conversation among friends and, during such conversations, I have noticed a contradictory trend I will title the “Valentine’s Paradox.” For those of you whose relationship isn’t all cinnamon hearts and

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