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Singledom: cherish your freedom while it lasts

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When you're single, you get to enjoy the finer things in life.
I have never been one for commitment. I can spend hours mulling over a simple decision, weighing the pros and cons, before finally making a choice and (maybe) sticking to it. It shouldn’t come as any surprise then that I can’t commit to a significant other.

My lack of commitment has never phased me but lately it seems that all I see is people jumping into relationships. This isn’t helped by the fact that I work at a bridal salon. Nothing is a better reminder of life-long commitment than being surrounded by big, poofy white dresses all day long. But, rather than making me long for Prince Charming/Ryan Gosling, the constant barrage of happily ever afters only makes me say “I do” to being single.

The single person has the ability to be absolutely, unapologetically selfish. Being single means not having to compromise and not having to share. It means no compromising your taste in music, your taste in movies or your taste in books. And you never have to pretend to like something you secretly hate. It means no sharing the couch, the bed or the covers — especially important at this time of year when every square inch of material counts.

Being single also means being slutty without feeling guilty. There’s absolutely no problem with
showing your affection for multiple people as long as you’re unattached and safe about it. Being single means no guilty morning afters frantically trying to piece together the memories of last night’s drunken escapades and never having to apologize for any indiscretions you may or may not have committed.

When you’re single there’s no one to impress. There’s no need to pretend to be some suave,
mysterious femme fatale or Casanova. You can bust out your “best” moves on the dance floor without fear of being reprimanded and you can be your regular old sweatpants-wearing, Justin Bieber-loving, macaroni-eating self with no risk of completely turning someone off.

Being single also means not having to settle. It means not having to date someone who isn’t your type, someone who likes cats when you like dogs or someone who wears bad shoes. Being single gives you the freedom to be picky, shallow and say no to anyone for even the pettiest of reasons — but good taste in shoes is never petty.

Couples often tend to settle into a routine: Wednesday is date night, tomorrow is pancake Thursday, yesterday was taco Tuesday. Singles, on the other hand, have the ability to shake things up. Ever realize how many great stories come from single people? Whether it’s about breakups, hookups or blind dates gone horribly awry, single stories are a lot more saucy.

Most of us want to wind up with someone in the end, but the road to that someone is part of the fun. It should be a little crazy, at times discouraging and always interesting. Everything worth having is worth working for and spending time toiling away at. Being a single person means paying your dues to make that final walk all the more worth it.

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