The University of Saskatchewan’s main campus is situated on Treaty 6 Territory and the Homeland of the Métis.


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Good news from The Bearer of Bad News as he sets out to tour Canada


When I heard that Andy Shauf was coming to do a concert in Saskatoon with local artist Zachary Lucky, I knew that I had to get an interview with him. While Shauf, who is playing on Sept. 27 at Village Guitar and Amp Co., performs in Saskatoon a couple times a year, there is extra buzz around his name this fall as he is set to release a full-length album, The Bearer of Bad News, Nov. 6.

Australia’s The Cat Empire invades Louis’: DJ Jumps discusses the process behind latest album Cinema


It was morning and I sat by the phone waiting for a call from one of the members of The Cat Empire. I was excited, even though most of my friends hadn’t heard of them or their music. The band, a cult phenomenon that sells out shows in their native Australia and in Europe, have struggled to break into the North American market. Prior to this interview I didn’t know much about The Cat Empire either, including how much I would grow to like them.

A call to positive action: what can we learn from the aftermath of Kony 2012


No one could have missed the explosion of Kony 2012 this month, and certainly no one could have missed the controversy it created, resulting in many a heated argument had over smoking keyboards and furrowed brows. The popular consensus, as it is with all such debates, is that the cynics must be of infinitely superior wisdom and all those who were naively inspired to be a part of change in their generation must be simple-minded and use words such as “like” and “totally” as every second word in their everyday speech.

Newman Players bring Anne of Green Gables to STM


“Anne is loved for her spirit, energy and imagination. She approaches life how other people wish they could.” This glowing character sketch is given by Linnea Bargen, who plays the lead role of Anne in the upcoming Newman Players version of Anne of Green Gables, opening March 14 at 7 p.m. in the Fr. O’Donnell Auditorium.

Freaks, geeks and things that are ‘so gay’


“What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger,” or so my mother believes. This cheery colloquialism is said in an effort to make horrible, hateful things that happen to you seem part of a greater plan and give hope that once you have pushed through the latest injustice, you will somehow emerge as some sort of super-human on par with the Hulk or Superman. The truth is that I have been hearing this saying all my life and am still waiting for my honourary super strength or, at the very least, a gold star.

The more the merrier? Polygamists may have the solution to romantic satisfaction


Polygamy is not something that one would expect to come up in an everyday conversation, but if it does, some of the subsequent sub-topics often include the notorious Warren Jeffs, sexual abuse of minors and brainwashing on various levels Yet with other exposure of polygamists in the media — such as TLC’s Sister Wives or Lisa Ling’s Spotlight on a Young Polygamist Family recently on the O Network — lines become blurred and one must consider that the extreme stories seen on the news may be the exception instead of the experience of the majority of polygamists.

The Bachelor(s): U of S Edition


Single on Valentine’s Day? Starting to think there aren’t any more good men in the world? Natahna Bargen has gone ahead and found three hot bachelors on campus worth approaching — so put on that lip gloss and get ready to be one step closer to the man of your dreams!

Escaping the past and finding yourself East of Berlin


“This show is edgy. It’s gripping. It’s also surprisingly funny.” That is how University of Saskatchewan alum Heather Morrison describes the Canadian play East of Berlin, which she stars in. The play runs at the Refinery on Dufferin Ave. starting Feb. 3.

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