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The consequence of losing an Oscar bet: Jack and Jill versus Bio-Dome


I lost the Sheaf’s Oscar poll to arts editor Aren Bergstrom. As punishment, I agreed to compare Adam Sandler’s recent Razzie champ Jack and Jill with the eternal gong show Bio-Dome, starring Pauly Shore and one of the unfunny Baldwins. Jack and Jill is very recent and therefore representative of the times we’re living in and Bio-Dome is the only other crappy comedy I’ve watched recently. I’m going to pit them against each other in three categories — story, performance and comedy — in order to determine which movie is less cringe-inducing.

Game of Thrones returning to the small screen: HBO’s popular fantasy drama continues with 10-episode season


Winter is coming all over again this spring. HBO’s hit series Game of Thrones, based on the fantasy novels by George R. R. Martin, is finally coming back April 1. Fans are as stoked as the fires on the Wall, the 300-mile fortification that runs along the northern border of Game of Thrones’ world, the Seven Kingdoms. Expectations are bound to be high after last season’s shocking twist in the second-to-last episode and the all-too-awesome twist in the final moments of the season finale. (Is it really too early for spoilers?)

Five movies people used to love, but now inexplicably hate


Ever liked a movie that most people seem to hate? Everyone has at least one. Some have several. Ever hated a movie everyone else seems to love? Again, of course you do. Even Star Wars has its detractors — weird, mole-like detractors with acne who smell like bantha poodoo. Pity them.

Locally-produced film The Hunt for Butterflies dwells on life after love


It being the Valentine’s season, it’s the perfect time to talk about romantic movies. And this being the Sheaf, why not talk about one being filmed right here in Saskatoon? Director Paul Clint Panko is hard at work right now on a locally-produced movie shot on campus. The film, entitled The Hunt for Butterflies, is a short film that on the surface is about a young man trying to recover after a breakup. OK, so it’s not really a “romantic movie,” but I can still talk about it!

I suck at video games: a personal reflection on an acceptable flaw


I’m 24 years old, and when you get to a certain age you start to come into yourself. For some this happens earlier, while for others it happens much too late. Fortunately, I seem to be coming along nicely (thank you very much), but certain aspects of my identity are also coming into focus that are starting to cause dreadful anxiety and constant self-doubt. No, I’m not referring to my marks or getting a job or wondering why the heck I’m writing this article instead of the essay due tomorrow. No, it’s something far less relevant, but it stings just the same.

Who in the world is Frank Welker? (Hint: you’ll probably recognize his voice)


Back in October 2011, Samuel L. Jackson was crowned the biggest movie star in the world due to his movies accumulating the highest overall box office total. While I find total movie grosses to be a poor indicator of who the biggest movie star in the world is — my gut tells me that Will Smith or Brad Pitt are more famous globally — I’ll play along. When I first heard this box office number, my reaction was to shout an emphatic “Wrong!” — after which I puffed my inhaler and went back to organizing my action figures. Why were my nerd alarms so dramatically sounded that day? Because I love the truth, and the truth of the matter is that there is one actor whose total career gross is larger than Samuel L. Jackson’s, and not by a small amount.

Ricky Gervais is back as host of the Golden Globes


The Hollywood Foreign Press Association stunned the world Nov. 16 by announcing that Ricky Gervais is coming back for a third time to host the Golden Globes. Shocked? Excited? Wondering who the Hollywood Foreign Press Association is? Join the club on that third one.

Getting old and staying young with Jason Mewes


Jason Mewes, best known as Jay from the comedies Clerks, Mallrats and Chasing Amy, and his long-time partner-in-crime Kevin Smith are heading to Saskatoon on Dec. 10 to perform their live show Jay and Silent Bob Get Old. The show promises to be a fun experience for fans, but after a 20-minute conversation with Mewes,…

Who wrote the works of Shakespeare? Oh, that’s right. Shakespeare did.


There is not a shred of reason to believe anyone but William Shakespeare wrote the plays under his name. Yet because Shakespeare is considered the greatest writer in the English language, perhaps in the whole body of world literature, he is looked upon with suspicion and doubt. If Shakespeare’s contemporary Ben Johnson was hailed as the greatest, you can bet your life people would doubt his authorship instead.

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