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Singlism: the new racism


Most of us have been there ”” go to any family gathering or even a first meeting with someone and the questions, “Are you in a relationship? Do you have a significant other?” are bound to pop up. What is worse than the actual questions is the look of pity you get when you simply say, “No, I am single.”

The Google empire


Today, almost 80 per cent of searches in Canada go through Google. As a result of their dominance in search, the company makes billions per year in advertising sales. Google's success has its drawbacks, though. For those paranoid about privacy, any company that has such vast stores of information on its users is bad news. In more practical terms, however, Google's invincibility threatens to undermine the innovation and competition that have made the Internet what it is.

Fuck cynicism


We all start out as curious, interested little creatures. Everything is fascinating to a child. Every little stimulus is met with unbridled awe and usually some degree of horror. Babies gurgle and coo and puke at the slightest hint of a new phenomenon. Wouldn't it be nice to experience the world like that again?

The anatomy of a house party


With school starting, parties are going to be happening in all shapes and forms. Everyone looks forward to the weekend even more when they know so-and-so is having a house party, which is often cleverly cloaked as “having people over.” The house party is a living, breathing creature capable of growing, learning or dying out altogether. Each house party is a little different.

Live music for dummies


The deciding factor at any live event is spontaneity. In a play it's the interaction of audience and actors. Rocky Horror Picture Show is better in a theatre than in a living room: the dancing, costumes, and screaming are all part of a local cultural evolution. The same is true of live music.

Hobos with hobbies


I will give money to panhandlers. I have no issue with people who are down on their luck and need a few bucks to survive. I don't even begrudge the ones who do it as a way to earn a living, because it beats working any day. And unlike most people, I don't boycott panhandlers because they will just spend it on booze, anyway. It's not because I believe that they're actually trying to put together bus fare or they need a quarter for the phone, but because I spend my pay cheques on booze and therefore am not one to be casting stones...

Clinton’s summer vacation


Bill Clinton did something most ”” or at least one former U.S. president ”” would consider unthinkable; he flew all the way to North Korea to talk face to face with the country's “Dear Leader” Kim Jong-il to negotiate the release of two imprisoned American journalists. While this is a heroic move by the former U.S. president, I am left with some questions about what this means for America.

LETTERS: Aug 27, 2009


Dear Sheaf, I can't thank you enough for the article on suicide that appeared in spring. My brother was suffering from depression and was having suicidal ideation when he came across the article. I remember him mentioning later when he did get treatment that he had come across the article and it helped him take steps to help himself (help phone numbers). I can't thank you enough for having the article and the resources mentioned . . . it just may have prevented another fatal statistic. He is currently getting the treatment and support he needs for his depression.

Brüno shocks with purpose


Sacha Baron Cohen is an absolute genius. He has confronted the world with its most shameful prejudices that makes it recoil in fear and disgust. This is the reaction he wants. Some people appreciate Baron Cohen for his actual humour and — while he is hilarious — they often fail to recognize that the intentions behind it are far more serious and focused than the characters he portrays. Through his characters he has successfully captured the deepest and most extreme forms of homophobia, religious fanaticism, ignorance, intolerance and general hatred.

Common sense recession


Before the economic collapse I was, like most people, completely ignorant of the way the economy functions. When considering the market economy I envisioned a wild and unpredictable animal which had to be watched closely lest it decide to attack someone, take a dump in the global economy or die as it did recently. Previous to the globo-economic clusterfuck, I knew that a lot of people had money, some more than others. I also knew that, like modern day alchemists, these people would use that money to make more money.

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