The University of Saskatchewan’s main campus is situated on Treaty 6 Territory and the Homeland of the Métis.

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Meet Wildrose Alliance leader Danielle Smith


For many conservatives, Alberta once represented an incredible opportunity; they glowingly talked about obliterating debt, balanced budgets, free market reforms and pioneering a spirit to take on the powerful federal government. While many of these opportunities were realized in one form or another, there stands today an overwhelming sense of failure among dissatisfied conservative supporters.

Let’s leave MJ alone


Michael Jackson represented the pinnacle of pop music. I am hard pressed to find any pop star who has had a greater influence on pop music.

Fast vs. slow zombies


With the release of all the zombie material in the past few months the much debated topic has risen once again: fast zombies or slow zombies?

Fast food on campus is a bad idea


I'm not a health nut, nor am I a saint. I'm just a regular consumer like the rest of us. But there seems something terribly backwards about having a fast food joint literally a few feet away from where I sit in class.

American Apparel is ruining my life


I understand that American Apparel is something of a big deal to the kids these days. Young people think it is extremely correct to buy and then wear their clothes. This is becoming a problem for me.

Apocalypse films on the rise


Whether it is the optimistic Zombieland, where the characters finally find their place in the world after it ends, or the glimpse at what the world could become in The Road, the glut of end-of-the-world films and theories is making me crazy.

Canada’s favourite pastime


Canadian politicians of all stripes, backgrounds and ideologies have long been accustomed to repeatedly persecuting the makers of such fine products as flavoured cigars, cigarettes of all varieties, old fashioned pipe tobacco and even the exotic (and remarkably tasteful) shisha tobacco.

Is it too soon for Obama’s Nobel?


Quite frankly, I feel downright sorry for U.S. President Barack Obama. Two wars, health care reform, fears that he is a secret communist Muslim Nazi, and now a Nobel Peace Prize.

The practical students’ guide to H1N1


Here are a few helpful tips to help you survive the scourge known as H1N1, as brought to you by Campus Health and Purell® ”” official sponsor of the 2009 Influenza Pandemic.

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