The University of Saskatchewan’s main campus is situated on Treaty 6 Territory and the Homeland of the Métis.

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Environmental fanaticism


Al Gore and David Suzuki, although likely to escape criticism, will eventually be recognized for predicting catastrophes that will never come. Environmentalists will simply continue to argue that the disasters have been slow to foster, that while mistakes have been made the science behind their arguments is sound.

I don’t care for that tone of voice


Almost every arts major on the University of Saskatchewan campus will invariably have to deal with the following line: “So, what use is your degree? I mean, what can you do with it?” While I can't speak for other arts students, as an English major, my answers are essentially “Read and critique literature,” and “Teach English.” Most of the time, this is met with either patronization or disdain. I once had somebody simply shake their head and cluck their tongue.

Bush to speak at TCU Place


It has been confirmed: George W. Bush is coming to talk at TCU Place on Oct. 21 and already a whole lot of Saskatchewan folk ain't all too pleased about this war-mongering, gun loving, cowboy ex-president having an invite to our beautiful province.

Death to Auto-Tune


Recently there has been a growing number of artists and bands who have discovered a trick, allowing the untalented technocrat to sing “well” and in tune, both in the studio and live in concert.

Two takes on Kanye West


Kanye West's recent appearance at the MTV video awards caused an uproar when he upstaged country singer Taylor Swift. Here are two authors' takes on whether Kanye was out of line or if he was simply telling the truth.

Bike to car ratio


Recently, I decided to run a little experiment during my afternoon commute between campus and my apartment in Sutherland. I was in the mood for a bit of the scientific method. My experiment consisted of counting to see how many cars I encountered during my 10 minute bike ride and, out of those, how many were single passenger cars...

Too much information


Do we really want to know everyone's thoughts numerous times throughout the day? Unfortunately Facebook, blogs, reality TV and the notorious Twitter can make it happen.

Drunk biking safer than driving?


In my opinion, the danger of driving vehicles while drunk has always been about putting other people's lives at stake. When I'm out on the streets, whether driving, walking or biking, I don't expect to be suddenly ploughed down by a drunk driver whose impaired judgment kept him or her from seeing me. How much damage could a bike possibly do?

In defence of Barbie


Even after 50 years, the iconic blonde has not aged much: Her hair is still a long, shiny, golden hue, no wrinkles have downcast her bright, wide eyes and her body has no trace of cellulite or sagging.

Michael Moore is a big fat idiot


As if 2009 wasn't already a rough year for capitalism, now Michael Moore has set his sights on our venerated economic system. But the last thing we need is Michael Moore's latest propaganda flooding multiplexes.

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