The University of Saskatchewan’s main campus is situated on Treaty 6 Territory and the Homeland of the Métis.

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Musical appreciation


For me, there are few things as satisfying as going to a record store and picking out a new slab of vinyl for the turntable or a few new CDs and spending my afternoon with headphones and a lyric booklet. Unfortunately, this is something the vast majority of people have grown out of.

The price of beauty


Let's face it ”” beauty trumps ugly in most circumstances. It has been proven that physically attractive people have better career opportunities.

Thanksgiving’s sordid past


When most Canadians think of Thanksgiving they probably think of 17th century pilgrims, turkeys and the harvest. Or they, like me, may think of their elementary school days when drawing hand turkeys was the primary indicator that Thanksgiving was fast approaching, all the while never quite understanding why our neighbours to the south celebrate their Thanksgiving a month later.

Give it to me straight


Constructive criticism tends to be more of a discussion-based conversation, rather than an authoritative one where a person simply states you are wrong. The intention for the advisor is to point out a deficiency seen or heard within one's work or thought process and illustrate positive examples that can be later replicated or emulated.

Don’t shit where you eat


Saskatchewan produces between 20 to 23 per cent of the world's uranium. So, if not Saskatchewan ”” the birthplace of much of this nuclear waste ”” then where should it go?

How not to get a date in university


I thought I would throw my hat into the ring of easy self-help instructions to give you the benefit of my great experience in not getting dates. This will be helpful for those wishing to be monks or nuns as well as those just wishing to be alone.

A terrible thing has happened


Let's face it. Life is far too short to always be uncomfortable and worried, even for the sake of fashion. I focus my energy on finding two simple things: comfort and practicality. I don't feel the need to impress anyone and I'm not trying to bring any sort of attention upon myself. Yet for some reason when I go out of the house, I am the subject of ridicule and countless questions.

Environmental fanaticism


Al Gore and David Suzuki, although likely to escape criticism, will eventually be recognized for predicting catastrophes that will never come. Environmentalists will simply continue to argue that the disasters have been slow to foster, that while mistakes have been made the science behind their arguments is sound.

I don’t care for that tone of voice


Almost every arts major on the University of Saskatchewan campus will invariably have to deal with the following line: “So, what use is your degree? I mean, what can you do with it?” While I can't speak for other arts students, as an English major, my answers are essentially “Read and critique literature,” and “Teach English.” Most of the time, this is met with either patronization or disdain. I once had somebody simply shake their head and cluck their tongue.

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