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The trolls of social media debates


We live in a time where it is easy to make your opinion known — maybe too easy. Telling the difference between people who are steadfast in their opinions from trolls that will play the devil’s advocate until hell  freezes over is no simple task.

Why we need We Day


Every light in Credit Union Centre was turned off and I could barely see the outline of my own hands as Molly Burke spoke into her mic. Burke said darkness was her reality.

Remember to enjoy Valentine’s Day this year


With Valentine’s Day this month, a good number of my friends are pulling their hair out and suffering panic attacks in efforts to appease their loved ones. It is to them that I address these words: don’t sweat it.

Rock Sugar made a star out of me


When the bright neon lights blind you, you hear the familiar sound of a 90s uptempo beat sung slightly off key, and your friends burst into laughter and applause raving at your performance, you know you’ve somehow been hoodwinked into performing at a karaoke bar.

I’m sorry, I don’t believe in resolutions


As I venture into another semi-productive academic term, I am once again forced into the post-holiday banter with “insert name here” acquaintances. Now I can handle the occasional “Did you go back home for the break?” or “Did you get any good presents?” But it’s the question “So what’s your new year’s resolution?” that I find most irritating. This is when our mouths go dry and we meticulously pick our minds to come up with a perfect answer to such a question.

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