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Work out without working hard

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Stop right where you are! Okay, maybe not in the middle of Place Riel or the Thorvaldson building but somewhere comfortable where you are alone or with a few friends.

Remember to engage your core, and try to keep your body aligned parallel to the floor beneath you. The third exercise in this list is similar to a plank but with movement. You will bring your knee forward and out to the side as if you were going to touch your elbow on the same side. In the last exercise, remember that slower is better. Your feet should never touch the ground but will come close to it.

1. Elbow plank: One minute


2. Side plank: One minute

3. Spiderman plank: Twenty repetitions per side 

4. Leg lowers: Twenty repetitions 


Hope N.S. Jeffery

Graphics: Jaymie Stachyruk / Graphics Editor


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