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Stop Kony 2012 and start apologizing to Ugandans

In the frantic race to be the first to re-post, tweet or share the meme du jour, the troubling subtext to the Kony 2012 campaign seemed lost in a misguided cloud of excitement. While the intentions of the nearly countless people who leaped at the opportunity to support Invisible Children’s mission are noble, good intentions

A tattered web: how censorship could cripple the Internet

The web’s hyperlink structure works kind of like the synapses in your brain, or the blood vessels in your circulatory system. Everything is interconnected, designed to pass information back and forth, sometimes in multiple directions simultaneously. It can be mind-bogglingly complex but it works because there are relatively few blockages. People can traverse the web

Separating information from identity in an online world

Just as the prominence of the World Wide Web has changed drastically, so too has its "raison d’être" — it has gone from a database to a hub of real-time communication and social networks. It spreads ideas, news coverage and multimedia across geographical boundaries instantly, and researchers are constantly trying to make it even more

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