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Stop Kony 2012 and start apologizing to Ugandans


In the frantic race to be the first to re-post, tweet or share the meme du jour, the troubling subtext to the Kony 2012 campaign seemed lost in a misguided cloud of excitement. While the intentions of the nearly countless people who leaped at the opportunity to support Invisible Children’s mission are noble, good intentions do not make an act just. And if we are willing to contribute financially to a global manhunt that could easily result in an unforeseeable number of deaths, then I think we owe it to ourselves — not to mention the everyday Ugandans who would be most affected by such a campaign — to take a moment to analyze the campaign and its motives.

Canadians are the truly guilty party in politics


Could it be that the recent surge in public interest marks a genuine societal shift toward an altogether more politically active and engaged form of citizenship? Unfortunately, no. Having flexed their sagging muscles of accountability, the less than two in three eligible Canadian voters who bother to turn up are then free to return to the more pressing matters in their life, like microwaving a burrito and updating their Twitter feed.

Palestine deserves full recognition at the UN


Daily life in the West Bank is, to put it in horrifically understated terms, a bit glum. Unemployment in the Gaza Strip hovers around 45 per cent, and the average annual income in the occupied territories is less than 10 per cent of that of the average Israeli. On either side of the border, daily life is marked by prejudice and fear of the other, both a result of and catalyst for the roughly 9,000 Palestinian and 1,600 Israeli fatalities in the last 25 years alone.

Black metal: fun for the whole family!


Yes, there is some merit to the belief that black metal is a morally-corrupting, soul-rotting, quasi-melodic path to hell. But I can't help but feel that this is ”” for the most part ”” a gross misconception, a wrongful conclusion many reach as a result of it's glossy, provocative image.

Nutana Cafe, don’t ever change


The interior décor is about as exciting as dropping a wet sandbag from a height of two metres. The drink selection is only marginally better than your grandparent's pantry. And the bathrooms, to be frank, look like they've been lifted from the set of Lost.

Snowboarding isn’t rad anymore


When I was 10 years old, I entered a raffle at a school down the street from where I lived in Montreal. For $2 I was given eight tickets to gamble away into whichever prize-boxes I desired. I entered every one of them into a box marked “Snoboard.” The misspelling bugged me even then.

REVIEW: The Rising by Harmful Effects


Headed by the powerful vocals of Madison Erhardt, Harmful Effects are a local metal act that have recently released their first album, one wrought with vast cross-genre experimentation and backed by an impressive and furious symphony of instrumentation.

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