The University of Saskatchewan’s main campus is situated on Treaty 6 Territory and the Homeland of the Métis.

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To Tinder or not to Tinder?

At the frontline of the texting, technology and dating mix is Tinder — a popular mobile app that sets up conversation (and more) between mutually interested users.

To sex or not to sex

It would be rather prudish and even potentially dangerous to pretend college students aren’t having sex. Why dangerous? Abstinence-only sex education in the United States has been a disaster.

U.N. contraception declaration a good first step

On Nov. 14 the United Nations declared contraception a universal human right. A report from the United Nations Population Fund titled State of World Population 2012 declared that “governments, civil society, health providers and communities have the responsibility to protect the right to family planning for women across the spectrum, including those who are young

Cyber dates for future mates

Technology has forever changed the ways in which relationships begin, function and end. The romanticized bygone practices of courting and love letters have been replaced by one-night stands and sext messages. Instead of pouring my soul into a love letter addressed to my beloved, I can just send them a picture of my junk and

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