The University of Saskatchewan’s main campus is situated on Treaty 6 Territory and the Homeland of the Métis.


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Biggest leak in U.S. military history


In conjunction with The New York Times, The Guardian, and German weekly magazine Der Spiegel, the online organization Wikileaks has released over 91,000 classified American military incident reports from the war in Afghanistan that shed new light on the conflict.

A cog in the gear of the lumber industry


Allow me to construct as honest (and jaded) an image of treeplanting as I can: 10 hours of marching through brush with a 50 pound, lopsided bag uphill, downhill, through carrion piles and wasp nests, shoulder deep in botany with no ostensible purpose apart from maiming, tripping and generally aggravating you to the point of mental breakdown.

SCN draws its last breath


As part of the Government of Saskatchewan's newly unveiled 2010-11 budget, $2.4 million has been pulled from the television channel SCN, ending its 20 year reign as Saskatchewan's home-grown source for local media.

Where have all the monocles gone?


Cryptic legends and nostalgic traditions go hand in hand with the university experience. Greased poles and ham hocks aside, the present incarnation of the University of Saskatchewan has little to offer in this regard. Where have all the monocles gone? What ever happened to Latin, gargoyles and parchment?

Nothing wrong with assisted suicide


There are a million and one reasons why we might decide to quit before God fires us: on the principle of self-awareness, to prove a point, to end our suffering. It is this final motive that tends to evoke the most compassion.

Please do your dying elsewhere


The federal government recently awoke from its catnap and attempted to cut funding to Insite, Vancouver's controversial safe-injection facility. Insite receives federal and provincial funding and has been praised unanimously by the mayors of Vancouver and the premier of British Columbia, as well groups ranging from the British Medical Association to the International AIDS Society.

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