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Move and Scale is cross-generation dance inspiration


Christ vs Krishna’s third release since the band’s formation in 2009 mixes vintage rock and new wave to create songs that are unique in this contemporary music world but also radio-accessible. The end result is a refreshing mix of songs that will make you feel like you’re either enjoying yourself at a pub in 2013 or at a rock concert in the late 1980s.

Album Review: Sora’s Scorpion Moon


Over the last decade, Alberta-raised singer Sora has made a strong showing with two albums and an EP. The success of her Celtic influenced melodies and narrative lyrics only continues on her third album Scorpion Moon, slated for release Feb. 28.

Study tips to keep you sane this finals season


Exams are the test of your knowledge and experience in a subject. They are a way to show that you can apply what you have learned to the outside world. They are also a nightmare to the underprepared and stressed. With everything going on in the winter season, study habits can quickly spiral out of control. To help prepare you for your upcoming final exams here’s a list of tips and tricks for studying and getting the most out of that hefty 30-40 per cent chunk of your grade.

Star Wars Episode VII: Return of the Mickey?


Whether you’ve grown up only vaguely aware of the films or were born with a lightsaber in your hand, it’s hard to deny the impact George Lucas’s Star Wars franchise has had on the entertainment industry. Now, 35 years after the release of the first film, the series has a new hope.

Mother Mother’s The Sticks polishes rough edges


Vancouver-based indie rock band Mother Mother is back on the scene with its fourth album, The Sticks, a year since their last album. The five-piece group is going strong, complimenting their existential themes, melancholy and introspective lyrics with driving beats and catchy instrumentals.

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