The University of Saskatchewan’s main campus is situated on Treaty 6 Territory and the Homeland of the Métis.


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Moustache envy


All these moustaches have me wishing I could grow a one to stroke thoughtfully as I puff away on a pipe or eat drumsticks and such ”” a perfect little moustache to assert my authority.

Apocalypse films on the rise


Whether it is the optimistic Zombieland, where the characters finally find their place in the world after it ends, or the glimpse at what the world could become in The Road, the glut of end-of-the-world films and theories is making me crazy.

Is it too soon for Obama’s Nobel?


Quite frankly, I feel downright sorry for U.S. President Barack Obama. Two wars, health care reform, fears that he is a secret communist Muslim Nazi, and now a Nobel Peace Prize.

Thanksgiving’s sordid past


When most Canadians think of Thanksgiving they probably think of 17th century pilgrims, turkeys and the harvest. Or they, like me, may think of their elementary school days when drawing hand turkeys was the primary indicator that Thanksgiving was fast approaching, all the while never quite understanding why our neighbours to the south celebrate their Thanksgiving a month later.

Saskatchewan rat penetrates Alberta


A rat is found in Calgary and they automatically blame Saskatchewan. How typical. It's so convenient for Alberta to blame their now marred reputation as a rat-free province on Swift Current's rat infestation.

Brüno shocks with purpose


Sacha Baron Cohen is an absolute genius. He has confronted the world with its most shameful prejudices that makes it recoil in fear and disgust. This is the reaction he wants. Some people appreciate Baron Cohen for his actual humour and — while he is hilarious — they often fail to recognize that the intentions behind it are far more serious and focused than the characters he portrays. Through his characters he has successfully captured the deepest and most extreme forms of homophobia, religious fanaticism, ignorance, intolerance and general hatred.



I first read about the University of Sakatchewan's decision to reject the $500,000 bursary specified for non-aboriginals just before being handed a $1,100 quote on the repairs needed to fix my automobile. It is nearly impossible to investigate this matter without pissing someone off. I need money. I am a non-aboriginal student. Initially I was pretty concerned. My first reaction was one of absolute anger at the university for rejecting a bursary on behalf of struggling students. As far as I could tell ”” which at the time wasn't very far ”” it was only partially racist because non-aboriginals did not mean just white people. I thought it could be maybe 73 per cent racist.

Marriage before 25 a bad idea


Growing up in the '90s my parents instilled in me that I could be whatever I wanted. They also constantly reiterated that my potential would be irreparably damaged if I got married too young.

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