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The rules of karaoke


If ever you find yourself in a situation where you are being forced to sing karaoke, be prepared. It comes down to a few simple rules.

Changing O Canada is futile


According to Senator Nancy Ruth, the federal government's choice to abandon possible changes to the national anthem is “another example, for me, of hatred against women.” I'm going to respectfully disagree.

Figure skating changing for the better


The quadruple jump was first landed in competition in 1988 by Canada's very own Kurt Browning. After that, if you were not landing your quad jumps in men's figure skating, you simply were not winning medals. The fact that the quadruple jump is extremely dangerous for skaters was ignored in favour of proving oneself to the sport.

YACHT: band and belief system


Hailing from Portland, Ore., the duo YACHT recently kicked off their North American tour with Bobby Birdman and played one wicked show at Scratch on Feb. 24. In addition to being killer musicians, they are also philosophers (of sorts) and love to experiment with technology.

Counting popularity by valentines


In elementary school Valentine's Day was the ultimate gauge for how popular you were. Or at least at my elementary school it was. You bought your Barbie or Toy Story valentines and made them out to all of your good friends, the people you liked and the people that were considered “popular.”

Scratch is the place to be


As of right now, Scratch holds a lot of potential for Saskatoon DJs and caters to a broader demographic than other clubs. It is definitely worth checking out if you like drinking, dancing, or both.

The game of high-end heists


Whether it is for cold, hard cash or a priceless artifact, you can't sit through Entrapment or Ocean's Eleven without speculating about how you would go about pulling off the perfect caper. Of course, none of us would actually go for it.

Reasserting redneck values


I was raised to believe that the Calgary Stampede was “The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth.” So you can imagine my instant disgust when I heard that the Calgary Stampede refused to remove or apologize for a survey that was blatantly sexist and homophobic.

Good riddance, 2009


In years to come when we're all living in our Phantom Menace Gungan-like sea-bubble cities we will remember 2009 as this year of Michael Jackson's death, H1N1 hysteria and the increasing obnoxiousness of rabid mass media outlets like FOX News that, from the United States, manage to penetrate every facet of our lives and that hopefully, at that time, will have ceased to exist.

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