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As the Sheaf’s very first in­tern, I’ve had the opportunity to experience student journalism on campus over the past few months. I would like to share with you why you should write for the paper next year.

Throughout my time at the Sheaf, I have written and edited articles, delivered the paper and engaged in every aspect of the journalistic process. This expe­rience has taught me a lot about how a professional newspaper is run.

As an intern or volunteer at your student newspaper, you will gain hands-on experience in me­dia that is valuable for students at the university.

The paper is a great way to express your thoughts and opin­ions about things going on in your life or on campus. There are several sections such as News, Sports & Health, Culture and Opinions, each of which features different types of stories each week. Students can choose to write about any topic of their choosing and are free to pitch their own ideas.

Volunteering for the Sheaf provides those interested in journalism with the opportunity to work directly in their field. It also allows for writers, photog­raphers and graphic designers to get their name on the proverbial map.

You choose the amount of time you give to the paper. If you want to volunteer once during the year, the Sheaf is happy to have your article. However, you are welcome to contribute more often — every single week if you want.

You don’t have to be enrolled in the humanities to write for paper. The Sheaf is full of diverse voices from all academic backgrounds. If you have never written any­thing before, there is no need to worry. The staff are there to help you along the way and to answer any questions that you may have about the process.

Volunteering for the Sheaf will allow you to interact with your university community in a unique way. The paper is a great way to express your ideas to the student body and discuss topics that you believe are important. Unlike the average university class, you work closely with staff to craft what you want to say.

The Sheaf exists to represent the voices of students at the U of S, so why not use yours?

You don’t have to wait until September — you can start vol­unteering any time. I hope to see your work in the paper.

This op-ed was written by a University of Saskatchewan undergraduate student and reflects the views and opinions of the writer. If you would like to write a rebuttal, please email

Thea Pearce

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