The University of Saskatchewan’s main campus is situated on Treaty 6 Territory and the Homeland of the Métis.

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NaNoWriMo exhausting for local writers

NaNoWriMo got the best of Aren Bergstrom this year. This was the fourth year the University of Saskatchewan graduate participated in National Novel Writing Month, an annual creative writing challenge. Every November, its participants attempt to write 50,000 words in 30 days.

Why write?

I still remember the first time my writing was published. I was in fifth grade and I wrote a haiku about water lilies. I don’t think I had ever been more proud of myself.

Student group aspires to launch undergraduate research journal

After toiling away on a research paper, it can be disheartening to have it simply graded and handed back. A group of 12 students at the University of Saskatchewan understand that frustration and have laid the groundwork for an undergraduate research journal for the university. The journal will allow students to have their research published and

Hey writers, Munsch on this!

Yes, it can be frustrating, difficult, and extremely exhausting to cultivate a wonderful piece of writing. But despite the obstacles of writer's block and trying to find widespread success, well-known author Robert Munsch encourages young writers to keep working at it — as he continues to do so himself. “I have over 200 unpublished stories that

My battle against a blinking cursor

You pump yourself up, telling yourself you are going to crush this paper. This paper is going to be your bitch. You are confident, self-assured. You can do this! You are an intelligent university student, after all. But when the time comes, when you sit down in front of your computer to make the magic

Two spaces after a period is wrong, so cut that shit out

There are two kinds of people on this planet: those who type a single space after the end of their sentences, and those who stupidly, inexplicably and unforgivably double-space after the period. I’m not entirely sure where people pick up this quirk, but I suspect it has to do with grade school teachers who themselves learned

National Novel Writing Month kicks off during the busiest month of school

>National Novel Writing Month has become an online phenomenon and chances are you’ve heard one of your aspiring author friends talk about it over the years. To the uninitiated, National Novel Writing Month, better known as NaNoWriMo, is an online writing challenge that encourages budding writers to write 50,000 words of an original novel during the

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