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Sheaf Workout: Growing them boulder shoulders

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In order to prevent gym injuries and muscle imbalance, growing your shoulders is an important component of your workout. The deltoids are a significant stability muscle and are responsible for a variety of arm movements.

A superset is two exercises done back to back with little to no rest. The following exercises constitute an intermediate superset workout for individuals who train regularly.

1. Standing military press
2. Cable-cross rear deltoid extension: Standing in a natural stance between two cable machines, take a cable hook in each hand so the cables cross. Then, starting with the arms above the head, bring the cable hooks down and out — an inch above your shoulders, to target the rear deltoids. Repeat for several reps.

For beginners, the following exercises could serve as a stepping stone into the world of physical fitness and weight training.

1. Thrust squats with light-weight dumbbells: Standing slightly wider than shoulder-width apart, hold the weights at your shoulders. As you squat down, keep your elbows forward. Push the weights straight up as you stand, extending past your shoulders.
2. Seated dumbbell shoulder press
3. Dumbbell upright row: Holding each dumbbell with an overhand grip and standing with your hips squared, start with your arms straight along the front and the weights at your lower torso. Pull the weights up towards the chest, with your elbows facing outwards to the side and pause for a few seconds. Make sure the shoulders are stabilized throughout the entire workout.

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