Contributors are the backbone of the paper, and they are always in demand. The best way to get involved is to come over and introduce yourself. The office is in Room 108 Memorial Union Building (main floor, above Louis’ Pub).

Who can write for the Sheaf? Any undergraduate student from the University of Saskatchewan can contribute to the Sheaf. No experience is necessary. If you feel you have something to contribute you can talk to an editor about your story idea. Editors will assist you in crafting the article, editing it and finally publishing it in the newspaper. However, if writing is not your forté, the newspaper also needs photographers, proof-readers, cartoonists and graphic image designers. What does The Sheaf offer its volunteers? The Sheaf offers contributors the opportunity to get involved in the university and gain resume experience!

Whether you are interested in pursuing journalism or just interested in what’s happening around campus, volunteering can help you. Through contributing to the Sheaf, you will gain valuable experience and an opportunity to work with our staff throughout the year and learn the ropes in various fields of journalism.

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