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FAKE NEWS: Student nudists blown away

A long-standing campus student group, already grappling with a difficult year, was forced to postpone their annual slow-pitch game, citing inclement weather.
Saskatoon Mayor Charlie Clark and City Council plan to take action against cuts.

Mayor Clark leads resistance against provincial austerity

In response to substantial cuts to provincial funding for the City of Saskatoon, announced in the 2017-18 provincial budget, Mayor Charlie Clark and City Council are taking a stand. Facing the effects of similar cuts to education, students will benefit especially from Clark’s leadership.
There’s no place like the Sheaf office.

Why you should write for the Sheaf

If you’re reading this, you already know what the Sheaf is. Maybe you’re a long-time fan. Maybe you’re that frequent online commenter The Oatmeal Savage. Regardless, you’re reading the Sheaf, and now I’m going to try to convince you to write for it, too.
April 6th-02

Sailing the airwaves of community radio

If you've ever wanted to be a pirate, to sail where no person has ever been, claim your stake and booty and follow no rules, then maybe community radio is for you.

You’ve got a friend in food

With all of the chaos in the student world, one can be sure that food — no matter what kind you choose — will never let you down. The end of term brings a looming sense of despair for many students, and by now, everyone can use a friend to lean on. Food can definitely be that friend, and there are many establishments on campus just waiting to be utilized.
The art around campus is definitely worth seeking out.

Hidden art at the U of S: A student’s discoveries

The University of Saskatchewan is filled with art of all kinds and much of it goes unnoticed by students. In the time between classes, students are usually rushing to their next class or worrying about finding a place to eat or study, and often, the art that is on display is left unappreciated.
Alternative Study Spaces - Jeremy Britz

Alternative study spaces on campus

April — what a time. It’s the month when winter transforms into spring, when the birds begin to sing, and when the horde of procrastinators who should have started studying weeks ago swarm the Murray Library. This spring-time migration often leaves Murray congested, rowdy and not conducive to any meaningful studying. Good thing there are alternative study spaces on campus where you can get some work done.

Girl Walks Into a Hockey Rink: My year as a wannabe sports reporter

Although Huskie Athletics is one of the most recognizable parts of the University of Saskatchewan, it is something that many students aren’t exactly familiar with. This was the position that I found myself in, when I began my year as the sports and health editor at the Sheaf.
Huskies Summer Training (1)

A glimpse into the Huskies’ off-season training

With summer fast approaching, many Huskies teams are entering their off-season. The off-season doesn’t mean that they completely stop training though, and instead, teams focus on building up strength while also making time for rest.