The Sheaf Main Office
108 Memorial Union Building
93 Campus Drive
Saskatoon SK S7N5B2

Advertising & Main office: (306) 966.8688
Editorial office: (306) 966.8689
Production office: (306) 966.8668

(306) 966.8699


Naomi Zurevinski

News Editor
Jessica Klaassen-Wright

Culture Editor
Bridget Morrison

Sports & Health Editor
Emily Klatt

Opinions Editor
Zach Tennent

Staff Writer
Jack Thompson

Photo Editor
Jeremy Britz

Graphics Editor
Lesia Karalash

Copy Editor
Larissa Kurz

Web Editor
Nicholas Kindrachuk

Production Manager
Laura Underwood

Outreach Director
Sophie Kokott

Business & Ad Manager
Shantelle Hrytsak

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