The grass is greener: Why we’re stuck in the USSU

While student unions exist to serve and represent the best interests of students, an argument against their mandatory nature seems to be slowly gaining steam across the country, and for interesting reasons.

Transit problems: What you need to know and why you should care

The City of Saskatoon and the Amalgamated Transit Union — representing bus drivers and the rest of the city’s transit department — have been deadlocked in contract negotiations since 2012. While contract issues don’t usually affect the general public, this is a rare exception.

Guns: Best friend or foe?

Murder, robbery, assault and violence involving firearms are rampant in the province and in the country

Downtown arena discussion the beginning of the future

With a new city council soon to take office, the possibility of a new downtown arena in Saskatoon will likely become a louder conversation. While this may seem like a benign subject, it is actually the start of a very logical, yet exciting, fantasy.

Putting an end to the drunk driving epidemic

Saskatchewan has been, and still is, victim to a preventable epidemic. Impaired driving has spread from teenagers to adults, small towns to big cities, and it must be stopped.

Trigger warnings suffer from bad publicity

Freedom of expression is a much-debated topic on university campuses. Continually we’re forced to ask, “Where do we draw the line between protecting students’ safety and protecting students’ right to free academic discussion?”

Stop the Sask Party, save Sasktel

When it comes to cell phone service, you usually get what you pay for. When it comes to the most recent provincial election, the people are getting what they voted for and now we’re all paying the consequences.