Bank account survives despite university education

Being a student won’t completely bankrupt you, but it’s still expensive as balls. However, there are countless ways to start squeezing the crap out of every penny and live the life of a financially fit student!
ASSU - Jeremy Britz

Better understanding the ASSU

While it serves the single largest college on campus, the Arts and Science Students’ Union could easily appear to operate in its own bubble. I spoke with the ASSU to get a better idea of what they do, what they’ll be doing this year and what they wish more students knew about them.
Transit - Jeremy Britz

Get Saskatoon Transit on track before it’s too late

With a new school year on the horizon, the perennial issue of poor public transit is sure to return as a topic of conversation for Saskatonians — students especially. While transit in the city is a headache, we still need to get on board with it sooner than later.
Colton Boushie Flat Tire - Flickr - Alistair

Boushie shooting sheds light on reality

Canada often likes to distinguish itself as being distinct from the United States. However, parallels are beginning to surface, particularly in Saskatchewan.

Cramming in the perfect summer

For many students, summer can be an excellent time to take dream trips, hang out with friends and tick off all those bucket list items.

Student life demands tech

It’s the Internet’s world out there and while usually I’m the first to defend the usefulness of everything digital, there are a few reasons to be down on the University of Saskatchewan’s dependance of technology — especially if you don’t have your own computer.
Are some  degrees better than others_ - Lesia Karalash

Not all degrees are created equal

While we are often fed the idea that a post-secondary education is valuable, it’s time we put away the antiquated belief that one size fits all