Slacktivism: it’s the least we can do

Perpetuating a lack of awareness and understanding of current events, slacktivism is built on the misguided idea that pulling your weight and getting involved takes no effort.

Debate: tipping

Tipping shouldn't be mandatory Alexander Quon Although nothing is more rewarding to a waiter or waitress than receiving a large tip, nothing frustrates me more than feeling obligated to leave an adequate...

Harper’s aggressive policy towards Russia is positive, hopeful

On Nov. 14, Stephen Harper told Vladimir Putin to “get out” of Ukraine at the annual G20 summit. As Canada shows it will not tolerate Russian military action, this could be a positive step for international relations between Canada and other countries.

Cosby allegations put an ugly face on victim blaming

Over a dozen women have accused Bill Cosby of rape after decades of silence. Allegations of sexual abuse against the famous actor involve Cosby using force, manipulation and coercion due to his celebrity status.

Profiling Sexual Violence

People who victimize men and women, violate their physical space and cause lasting emotional damage should be brought to justice, and victims given the reconcilliation they deserve.

Campus Fall Fashion

Here’s a few of our university’s own fashion forward students, repping some fall outfits.

Weighing the merits of marriage

The institution of marriage has been misrepresented, attacked, rebelled against and dragged through the mud extensively over the past few decades.

Drinking: Should we risk it?

The long-standing belief that moderate alcohol consumption has health benefits is slowly being debunked — and once again our perceptions of what is “good” for us is shifting.