The Canadian forces withdrew the last of their troops from Afghanistan in March 2014.

What does the future hold for Afghanistan?

Canada withdrew the last of its troops from Afghanistan in March 2014, but after 12 years of military engagement has Canada really achieved the mission it set out to accomplish?
George Stroumboulopoulos will be the new host of Hockey Night in Canada.

CBC needs to bounce back from loss of Strombo

With the NHL trade deadline come and gone, many media pundits have declared that George Stroumboulopoulos’ switch from CBC to Rogers is the biggest acquisition of the hockey season.

Moving towards a more proactive healthcare system

As the sustainability of Canada’s health care system is questioned, innovative solutions are being called for to rejuvenate the publicly funded design. In order to create a more sustainable system of health care, a movement toward preventative strategies and services is necessary.

Electronic cigarettes as a modern alternative

It is a well-known fact that cigarettes kill millions of Canadians each year, from both personal consumption and second-hand smoke, so it’s no surprise that there’s a technology available to save people from the harm of smoking: electronic cigarettes.

Homeless people are still people

It seems that the options provided by the government for homelessness are more band-aid solutions than policies that actually tackle the problems at the source.

Tuition costs more than cold hard cash

Tuition at the University of Saskatchewan continues to increase and university students continue to take it on the chin — but what are we getting for all of this extra money we’re paying?