The continued persistence of gay slurs

Since the rights of the LGBTQ community are undoubtedly on the rise worldwide, the continued prevalence of gay slurs comes as a considerable surprise.
Urban Sprawl

Bringing Saskatoon’s sprawl to a crawl

Saskatoon is going through a period of major growth and expansion. That said, the trajectory of our expansion is misdirected and threatens to cause the city more harm than good.

U of S residence not always the best choice

Every year, a portion of University of Saskatchewan students take up residence in Voyageur Place, one of the U of S’ four residences. For some, living in residence is a thoroughly frustrating experience.
Blow Off Classes - Christine Czajkowski

Go ahead, blow off class

Around halfway through each semester, every student realizes that there’s at least one class that just doesn’t matter to them anymore.
Mens Centre - Jeremy Britz

Men’s centre would be beneficial to U of S

A men’s centre at the University of Saskatchewan could easily sound like a “boy’s club” that festers and promotes patriarchal values. However, this view encourages misconceptions and the U of S would greatly benefit from having a men’s centre.