Debate: Lydia’s

After sitting vacant for a year and a half, it appears Saskatoon’s historic Farnam Block will soon either be demolished or restored.

Apathy rises alongside tuition

Yet again, the University of Saskatchewan has announced that they are raising tuition for all undergraduate colleges — and yet again, it seems students are ill informed or just don’t care.

University should improve professors’ teaching skills

It’s in the university’s best interest to ensure that students are given competent instructors. We need to guarantee professors can properly teach to make sure that students have the best learning opportunity possible.

The Biggest Loser: weight loss at its worst

While The Biggest Loser has built a reputation around “changing lives,” disclosures from former contestants lead readers to question whether these life changes are for the best — and unfortunately they’re not.

Saskatoon’s speed cameras a good thing

Saskatoon’s new speed cameras are being accused of being a cash grab, but the potential benefits of this new program speak much louder than the voices of opposition.

Letting the ladies speak first

Eliminating misogyny on college campuses is an admirable goal, but implementing a rule where females are entitled to speak in classrooms before males would only serve to further perpetuate gender divides.

Slacktivism: it’s the least we can do

Perpetuating a lack of awareness and understanding of current events, slacktivism is built on the misguided idea that pulling your weight and getting involved takes no effort.

Debate: tipping

Tipping shouldn't be mandatory Alexander Quon Although nothing is more rewarding to a waiter or waitress than receiving a large tip, nothing frustrates me more than feeling obligated to leave an adequate...

Harper’s aggressive policy towards Russia is positive, hopeful

On Nov. 14, Stephen Harper told Vladimir Putin to “get out” of Ukraine at the annual G20 summit. As Canada shows it will not tolerate Russian military action, this could be a positive step for international relations between Canada and other countries.