Niqab ban is a slippery slope

Mainstream media often labels Muslim women wearing a niqab as oppressed, but far more oppressive is the banning of a woman’s freedom to wear her niqab in a public space.

Professors cheat too

Students are all too familiar with warnings against plagiarism, but when it comes to professors, they too should be held to the same standards with no exceptions.
MAX 02 Gym City

Male, female-only hours at the PAC

While going to the gym should not be an intimidating experience, it often is. Creating a female-only and male-only time slot at the Physical Activity Complex at the University of Saskatchewan would help to alleviate some of the dread that comes with working out.

The everyday struggles of a U of S student

Being a university student is hard and can take a lot out of you. To top it off, sometimes it feels like the University of Saskatchewan is doing everything it can to make things even more difficult.

50 Shades of Grey gets BDSM wrong

With 50 Shades of Grey hitting theatres this Valentine’s Day, movie goers should not take its representation of BDSM at face value as the series perpetuates stereotypes and romanticizes an abusive relationship.

Student parking needs polish

Parking at the University of Saskatchewan is more of a hassle for students than it should be. To fix this, the U of S needs a student parking program that is better managed and more accessible.

Online assignments are overrated

The Internet plays a big role in the lives of students. Although it can be a useful research and information tool, I’m tired of the way it’s continually applied to university courses and assignments.