Sask for Dummies

A newcomer’s guide to Saskatchewan

Coming to Saskatchewan as an international student can be daunting, but here are some tips to help get yourself accommodated to prairie living.
Carbine Cropped

The militarization of police needs to stop

Frontline police in Saskatchewan will soon have access to high-powered, semi-automatic carbine rifles. While this move is aimed at increasing police safety, statistics suggest that the weapons will do more harm than good.

Saskatoon actually kind of safe

If you’ve paid any attention to local matters lately, you’ve no doubt read the scandalous news about our dear city: according to Statistics Canada, Saskatoon is now the most dangerous city in the country.

The continued persistence of gay slurs

Since the rights of the LGBTQ community are undoubtedly on the rise worldwide, the continued prevalence of gay slurs comes as a considerable surprise.
Urban Sprawl

Bringing Saskatoon’s sprawl to a crawl

Saskatoon is going through a period of major growth and expansion. That said, the trajectory of our expansion is misdirected and threatens to cause the city more harm than good.