Peruvian government must protect uncontacted indigenous tribes

Madre de Dios, a densely forested region in Peru near the Brazilian border, is home to the Mashco-Piro tribe — an uncontacted indigenous people who are being threatened by outsiders invading their lands for tourism and resource procurement purposes.

Growth hormones in milk are udderly disgusting

The Canadian government is changing dairy regulations, allowing the U.S. to have access to our dairy market introducing the use of rGBH that is prevalent in many American dairy products.

Sex crime? Try privacy and property violation

On Aug. 31, nude photographs of a number of celebrities were leaked online — including Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Teresa Palmer and Ariana Grande. Tech News claims there were over 100 women targeted with the release.
Robin Williams’ role in Dead Poets Society was inspirational for English students.

Over-analyzing will be the death of English

Hollywood lost one of its greatest stars on Aug. 11 with the death of Robin Williams. One of his most memorable roles was English teacher John Keating in the 1989 film Dead Poets Society, who had a different outlook on studying english.