Internships could replace entry-level positions, on-the-job training: report

In October, youth unemployment was at 12.6 per cent, down slightly as fewer young people looked for work, said Statistics Canada. According to a recent Conference Board of Canada survey, employers said applicants and new hires lack essential skills, such as communication, critical thinking and teamwork.

Temperature taken of student life on campus

University administrators took the temperature of student life on campus with the release of their results on the Campus Climate Survey on Nov. 17. Data for the comprehensive, 53 question-long survey which examined student belonging on campus, was collected in November of 2013 from 5,205 students.

NASA seeks advice from U of A in out-of-world research

In the Messier 82 (M82) Galaxy 12 million light years away, there’s a stellar fight taking place between a star and its deceased neighbour. NASA has reached out to Jeanette Gladstone, the University of Alberta Observatory’s director of public education and outreach, to give expert analysis of the event.

Nuclear medicine research makes headway

On Oct. 30, the University of Saskatchewan and University of Regina were jointly awarded a $5-million grant to increase the province’s capacity for nuclear medicine and imaging research.
GSA president Izabela Vlahu (right) speaking to councillors on Nov. 18.

Impeachment bid fails without vote

A petition for a vote of non-confidence for University of Saskatchewan Graduate Student Association president Izabela Vlahu is yet to be voted on by councillors.

Ally Week returns to the U of S

From Oct. 27–31, the University of Saskatchewan Students’ Union Pride Centre held Ally Week, a five-day event promoting diversity and education on campus.