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Fake News: Ransom for item lost and found at LB5Q

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PRAIRIELAND PARK — Days after the Edwards Business Students’ Society’s Little Buddy Big Buddy Barbecue event, a mysterious letter was found affixed to a post outside the venue.

The memo, with letters cut and pasted from previous issues of the Sheaf, read:

“Ice scoop, obviously valuable and precious, for ransum. $300 obo.”

The note was also signed in cursive with the name Toni Bone. There is no record of any student at the University of Saskatchewan with this name — implying that the perpetrator is not a student or used a pseudonym. Little else is known about the case.

In fact, it was some small miracle the note was even found. Prairieland Park employees note that it did not appear on the premises until approximately 8 p.m. on the evening of Sept. 13.

Brian Taylor, a groundskeeper at the venue, recalls seeing a young man dressed in all black near the note at the time it appeared but doesn’t assume the individual to be guilty.

“He had his face all covered with pantyhose, but I’m not one to judge,” Taylor said.

No other facts are known about the case, but there has been an outpouring of support and sympathy on social media for the unknown owner of the ice scoop.

The Sheaf asks anyone with information about the ice scoop, its origins and its current location to please contact local authorities.


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