Fall term reading week set for most U of S colleges

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Starting with the 2014-15 school year, most University of Saskatchewan students will be getting a fall-term reading week.

The break will be based around the Remembrance Day long weekend and will cover from Nov. 10–14, 2014. To accommodate the schedule change, student orientation and the final exam period will each be one day shorter.

All colleges except medicine, dentistry, nursing and veterinary medicine will have the break. U of S Students’ Union President Max FineDay said it is disappointing to see that he was unable to convince all colleges that having a fall term reading week is good for students.

“I had a lot of pushback from those academic deans. I had one dean tell me, ‘It’s a choice between students going skiing for a week or students learning to deal with heart attacks,’” FineDay said. “Hopefully, once they see the benefits in all the other colleges, they’ll understand there are significant challenges with the med students’ schedules.”

FineDay said he feels the academic deans of the health sciences colleges are not aware of how much stress their students are under through the semester.

“I’ve had conversations with these students about this and they say, ‘Yeah, I’m stressed out. I’m in one of the busiest colleges and I need a break and my college isn’t recognizing that’ and that’s disappointing,” FineDay said.

The College of Nursing was interested in giving their students a break in the fall, but FineDay said it was unable to find the time in their schedule. He added that the college hoped to have a fall term reading week for the 2015-16 academic year.

Adding a fall reading week was one of FineDay’s main campaign promises during the USSU elections in March 2013.

“Students asked for this,” FineDay said. “This was one of my most well received campaign platforms. It’s great to see that I could come through on this.”

FineDay added that he sees having a fall semester reading week as something that is imperative to students’ mental health. According to a report published by the Globe and Mail in June 2013, almost 90 per cent of students surveyed said they felt overwhelmed at some point during the school year and nearly 10 per cent said they had serious suicidal thoughts.

“I think it’ll be helpful in terms of retaining students and improving their marks and giving them personal time. If that means reading or working, that’s great. But if they want to go skiing or go on a holiday, that’s up to them to decide what the needs for their mental health are,” FineDay said.

FineDay brought the prospect of a fall term reading week to the university administration soon after taking office in May 2013. Through meetings with the university registrar, U of S President Ilene Busch-Vishniac and the academic deans of various colleges, FineDay said he was eventually able to convince university administration of the merit of having a fall term reading week.

Fall term reading weeks have begun to be implemented at universities across Canada. Trent University has had a fall break since 1964. Brock University, Western University, McMaster University and Carleton University all added a fall term reading week in 2013. FineDay worked closely with colleagues at the University of Alberta over the past year and said that they have also shown interest in adding a fall reading week.

  • Robert

    So, they are implementing a fall reading break that will also shorten orientation/exam dates? Because from the mass email I thought they would have to extend final exam dates inorder to make up for the extra break….

    • No

      You thought wrong.

  • PSK

    Oh, great. Now I get to have all of my midterms, assignments, and essays clustered together in a one week span to account for the week of no classes in BOTH terms. :S.

    Honestly, I really don’t see how a reading week does anything to decrease the work stress. It’s still the same amount of course material, you simply have 2-3 lectures less to cover it all and a week less to get all of your work done. I for one have been exceptionally more stressed this term than last due to the compression of the information and exams. You could argue that people use the week to study, but we all know that most people don’t do that.

  • Chad

    Not a single student I talked to wanted this break so I don’t know who was requesting this. The survey they e-mail out was also very biased, it was worded in a way such that it assumed you wanted the break and asked what you were giving up for it. Very poorly done, and now we have to cram more.

  • jamaal

    Longer Christmas break / Finals not all crammed together > fall break

  • Annoyed

    How about we have the results of the survey revealed instead of just generalizing that all the students Mr. FineDay talked to were in favor of this. While a week off of school initially sounds lucrative to any student, when one stops to pause and consider the many negative implications, a fall reading week is not worth it whatsoever. While I realize we live in a democratic society and the majority should receive what the majority wants, I would like some transparency on this subject instead of simply being forced to comply with FineDay’s agenda.