BRIEF: Summer U-Pass a possibility if enough demand found

Avoid taking photos like these while your subject is in motion.

The University of Saskatchewan Students’ Union is investigating student interest in the implementation of a summer U-Pass program, similar to the universal bus pass available to undergraduates during the fall and spring sessions.

The idea, spearheaded by vice-president operations and finance Reid Nystuen, would give undergraduates who register for summer courses a cheaper option to use public transit from May 1 to Aug. 30.

Currently, the Term 1 pass is available from Sept. 1 to Dec. 31, and the Term 2 pass is available from Jan. 1 to April 30. Students who choose to use the pass must activate their student cards at the start of each semester.

According to the USSU website, undergraduates are charged $71.83 per term for the U-Pass, regardless of whether they activate it or not. Students who live on campus or outside Saskatoon city limits, who hold a disability parking pass for the U of S or who are enrolled exclusively in distance education courses can apply for an exemption.

In 2008, U of S undergraduates voted 80 per cent in favor of making the U-Pass program permanent.

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  • T for Short

    Great idea. How might U of S students express their support for this? It’d be nice for a shortcut linked inserted for those who want to make their demand known, if that is the only way we can get the U-Pass for the summer