The University of Saskatchewan’s main campus is situated on Treaty 6 Territory and the Homeland of the Métis.

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Beware haunted home near Saskatoon bridge

A few years ago, I was asked to babysit for a family that lived on Saskatchewan Crescent, almost underneath the Idylwyld bridge. It was an old home, probably built in the early 1900s and, after just a few hours there, I was convinced the house was haunted

Zombies 101: how to make yourself drop (un)dead sexy

Oct. 31 is the night of the living dead. You might consider dressing up as something cute, funny or witty, but let’s face it, Halloween is supposed to be about scaring loved ones and strangers with outrageous tricks and outfits. Zombie costumes are classic, cheap and effective, and the Sheaf wants to help you out.

A plea for creative Halloween costumes

“Slutty” Halloween costumes are a perennial cause for complaint despite the fact that, at least in some social groups, they are relatively rare. Like the multitudes, I find them frustrating. Unlike the multitudes, however, this is not because I want to slut-shame anyone; it is because “sexy” costumes are usually so unimaginative.

Spooky History 101: the origins of Halloween

We love the dark, dangerous and foreboding mysteries of the dead. We love to scare ourselves, dress up as spiritual pranksters and to stretch the limits of what we can do, how we are seen and what we can get away with. We revel in the malicious, the evil and the mysterious.

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