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Which classic Halloween costume are you?

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Which of these classic Halloween costume tropes do you belong in?

Halloween is fast approaching. If you still haven’t landed on a costume idea, take this quick quiz to find out which simple and affordable costume best suits your personality.

 1. If you could have any of the following super powers, which would you choose?

a) The ability to make people worship me.

b) To heal people with my incredible sexual prowess.

c) Immortality.

d) Honestly, I don’t want a super power. I’m too awesome already.

e) To bring harmony to the world.

2. Which of the following do you fantasize about most?

a) Fame.

b) Sex.

c) Death.

d) Justice.

e) World peace.

3. What are your thoughts on marriage?

a) Oh, I plan on getting married a couple of times.

b) One person for the rest of my life? No thanks!

c) Eternal love is totally my thing.

d) Maybe someday, but my career comes first.

e) Love should not be institutionalized, man.

4. What is your best physical feature?

a) My sick flow.

b) I can only pick one? Then I guess I would have to say my smoking hot bod.

c) Probably my eyes. They stare right into your soul.

d) My sexy voice.

e) I don’t really think about outward appearances­­ — it’s what’s inside that matters.

 5.  I have been criticized before for being too… 

a) Wild.

b) Vain.

c) Morbid.

d) Selfless.

e) Hairy.

6. Which of the following activities most appeals to you?

a) Going to an epic rock concert.

b) Working out.

c) Reading some Edgar Allan Poe.

d) Playing with high-tech gadgets.

e) Swimming in a stream.

If you chose mostly:

A) You are a Rock Star. You are a wild fame-chaser who loves to party, meaning you may already have most of what you will need to pull this costume off: tight leather pants, sexy eye makeup, big, outrageous hair and of course lots of rock star attitude.

B) Sexy Nurse or Doctor. “Want to play doctor?” You are a sexual, self-confident person who longs to share yourself with the rest of the world (and yes this is for both girls and guys). This costume is relatively easy to achieve. All you will need is either a short white dress with a big red medical symbol on the front, or some scrubs, coupled with a stethoscope and rubber gloves.

C) You are a Vampire. You might be a bit pale and creepy, but it works for you. Up your morbid attraction by donning some black or out-of-date clothing and making your skin especially pale. Anyone wanting to give Edward Cullen a run for his money need only add sparkles. The most important thing you will need is a set of fangs. There are two ways you can go about this — either with a set of fake plastic teeth, which make it almost impossible to speak, eat or drink, or two fake fangs Fixodented over your canines. A little fake blood also adds a nice touch.

D) Congratulations, you are Batman. You are awesome and always putting others before yourself. There are a wide variety of Batman costumes out there but, if you would rather make your own, you will need black clothing, a black cape, and at least some degree of artistic skill to create a Batman mask and an emblem on your chest. The most important part of this costume is, of course, a sexy, mysterious voice.

E) Hippie. You are all about peace, love and happy things. You will need some tie-dyed clothing, bell-bottoms, a peace necklace, a braided headband, some funky coloured shades and a hide or faux fur vest to finish the ensemble off. Don’t shower or shave for a few days as an added bonus.

Illustration: Samantha Braun/The Sheaf

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