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An existential struggle with digital withdrawal

The cognitive benefits of closing a laptop or pocketing a cell phone in a classroom should come as no surprise to anyone who has studied entry-level psychology. Reducing the number of distracting external stimuli increases one's ability to focus on the specific task at hand, like actively participating in class discussions or absorbing information.

A brief history of Anonymous

In late 2003 Anonymous emerged, still dripping, from the primordial soup of the Internet. Since then, they have taken on various people and made headlines along the way.

The Internet: Lolcats, porn and revolution

Few inventions have had such a wholly transformative effect on the course of history as the printing press. And as far as the printing press has taken us, the Internet is poised to take us even further.

Procrastinate better with StumbleUpon

If you are like me and are absolute shit at navigating the Internet and can't figure out how your pals are finding all this wicked cool stuff on the web, you have to try StumbleUpon.

Chatroulette: full of wieners

For about two months, talking to strangers has been all the rage. The reason for this is the meteoric rise of Chatroulette, the Internet's latest chat site. It matches you up with random strangers around the world. Users can communicate via webcam and microphone or simply through text, although without a camera

Don’t give a damn about the broadband

A global study of Internet service shows Canada is falling behind in terms of broadband quality and may not be able to keep up with future needs. Canadian broadband quality slipped from 26th in 2008 to its current ranking as 30th.


The Google empire

Today, almost 80 per cent of searches in Canada go through Google. As a result of their dominance in search, the company makes billions per year in advertising sales. Google's success has its drawbacks, though. For those paranoid about privacy, any company that has such vast stores of information on its users is bad news.

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