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Wreck-It Ralph, more like drink-and-ralph

The movie may have been primarily made for children but it’s enjoyable for people of all ages and can easily be abused for all sorts of adult fun (a.k.a. a movie theatre drinking game.)

We Need to Talk About Kevin is tedious psychological horror

Sometimes directors and actors work at cross purposes, causing a film to be disjointed and aimless, regardless of a clever scene here or a good performance there. Unfortunately, such cross purposes plague We Need to Talk About Kevin and are likely responsible for much of its failure as a film. We Need to Talk About Kevin

Woody Harrelson is the ultimate bad cop in Rampart

Is it possible for a man to be entirely evil? In many ways this is the question that director Oren Moverman poses in Rampart. It is a question that I still find myself unable to answer. Woody Harrelson’s intense portrayal of corrupt LAPD officer and Vietnam War veteran David Brown does not make it easy to

Silent Best Picture winner The Artist will charm your socks off

After all the hoopla and awards handed out to The Artist, it’s worth asking, “Is the film any good?” Yes, it is, and while it may lack the dramatic weight that we expect in a Best Picture winner, The Artist is certainly a dazzling film. In the truest sense, The Artist is a comedy. Winner of

Celebrating the Carnage of upper-middle class hypocrisy

Some plays are so insightful, so vivid and so entertaining that they demand to be turned into films. Or so some producers must think. Unfortunately, what works in the theatre may not always work in the cinema. Such is the case with Carnage. I suspect the Tony Award-winning play by Yasmina Reza may be far more

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