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Wreck-It Ralph, more like drink-and-ralph

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Ralph tries to do a good deed but continues to elicit fear in fellow video game characters. Drink!

Disney’s newcomer film Wreck-It Ralph earned an unprecedented $49.1 million in its opening weekend Nov. 2-4.

The family-friendly production is sprinkled with Disney magic and pays homage to the video games that older generations grew up with. It stars the voices of John C. Reilly, Sarah Silverman, Jane Lynch and Jack McBrayer.

Protagonist Ralph (Reilly) is sick of wrecking everything and being unappreciated for his role in the continued success of the arcade game where he resides.

He wants a change and to prove to himself and others that he’s a good guy at heart. On the eve of the 30th anniversary of his video game, Fix-It Felix, Ralph sets out to change his fate. He causes more chaos than good but, in his efforts to change, he eventually finds a way to channel his particular set of skills towards an admirable cause.

Cameos in the feature include appearances from popular arcade characters like Mario, Daisy and Bowser, Sonic, Pac-man, Qbert, and Final Fantasy VII’s Arieth. Wreck-It Ralph doesn’t fall short for all of its name-dropping. Instead, the film has a great story more than a decade in the making, a $165 million budget and a flawlessly-developed whimsical universe that is rounded out rather than hindered by all of its allusions to video game canon.

The movie was produced by the same team in charge of Disney’s last box office boom, Tangled. Wreck-it Ralph just beat out Tangled’s opening weekend by $0.3 million.

The movie may have been primarily made for children but it’s enjoyable for people of all ages and can easily be abused for all sorts of adult fun (a.k.a. a movie theatre drinking game.)


I don’t recommend sneaking a mickey of spiced rum into a theatre full of children, but if you’ve got to do it, here are a few easy rules to follow when sipping (perhaps voluntarily spiked) soda pop.


1. Take a drink every time a character dies and regenerates.

2. Take a drink if you recognize a video game tune or jingle.

3. If a character receives a power-up, take a drink.

4. If you spot a Mortal Kombat character in the background, give one drink.

5. If you spot the hidden cheat code for Nintendo’s Contra, give two drinks.

6. Every time Ralph breaks something, drink.

7. Every time Felix fixes something, drink.

8. Every time Venelope glitches, drink.

9. If a character drinks, drink.

10. Don’t be a jackass. You are at a children’s movie. Have fun with the drinking game but don’t be too loud and don’t ruin the movie for the kids.[/box]

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