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Thomas Mulcair voted into NDP leadership

Thomas Mulcair has been voted into the position of leader for the federal New Democratic Party. Members of the party voted over the course of a two-day convention in downtown Toronto, March 23–24. The winner emerged from an initial seven candidates that were cut down over the two days.

Canadians are the truly guilty party in politics

Could it be that the recent surge in public interest marks a genuine societal shift toward an altogether more politically active and engaged form of citizenship? Unfortunately, no. Having flexed their sagging muscles of accountability, the less than two in three eligible Canadian voters who bother to turn up are then free to return to the

Youth thanked amid ‘orange crush’ success

Canadians witnessed a series of astounding changes in their federal political landscape on May 2 as Stephen Harper's Conservatives achieved their majority government and the New Democratic Party achieved Official Opposition status for the first time in history.

NDP to form official opposition for first time

The New Democratic Party of Canada has amassed its biggest representation in the House of Commons in the party's 50-year history, thanks in a large part to young Canadian voters ”” many of whom voted for the first time.

Jack Layton, Michael Ignatieff and Gilles Duceppe

Punish the opposition for this unnecessary election

On March 25, Canada's 40th Parliament was dissolved as a result of a vote of non-confidence. The election, which will take place on May 2, will be the fourth in seven years and will surely cost $300 million and be a general waste of time.

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