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Kate Nash experiments with Girl Talk

Kate Nash is back with her third album Girl Talk. The English singer/songwriter returns with a new sound after her critically well-received second album, My Best Friend Is You, suffered disappointing sales.

Move and Scale is cross-generation dance inspiration

Christ vs Krishna’s third release since the band’s formation in 2009 mixes vintage rock and new wave to create songs that are unique in this contemporary music world but also radio-accessible. The end result is a refreshing mix of songs that will make you feel like you’re either enjoying yourself at a pub in 2013

Album Review: Sora’s Scorpion Moon

Over the last decade, Alberta-raised singer Sora has made a strong showing with two albums and an EP. The success of her Celtic influenced melodies and narrative lyrics only continues on her third album Scorpion Moon, slated for release Feb. 28.

Death Grips release No Love Deep Web

Death Grips, in my not-so-humble opinion, are the single best thing to happen to rap since “Party and Bullshit” by the Notorious B.I.G. The experimental hip-hop trio from Sacramento, Calif., makes rap sinister and abrasive in a way I have never heard done before, with a noisy, heavy electronic beat.

These Hands gets creative in the Aquatic Blue

Mike Hanson, who performs under the name These Hands, released his new album Aquatic Blue on Oct. 30. The product is a collection of 12 tracks that took Hanson, along with a few collaborators, eight months to produce.

The Poet’s Dead but the sound is very much alive

Upon hearing that a band is from Saskatchewan, people usually imagine something in the neighborhood of banjo strumming and wheat stalk chewing. While Rah Rah may be prairie born and raised, their sound is not at all of hillbilly simplicity.

Mother Mother’s The Sticks polishes rough edges

Vancouver-based indie rock band Mother Mother is back on the scene with its fourth album, The Sticks, a year since their last album. The five-piece group is going strong, complimenting their existential themes, melancholy and introspective lyrics with driving beats and catchy instrumentals.

Sheepdogs showcase versatility with self-titled release

Not too long ago a little-known group of retro rockers took North America by storm and became hometown heroes over night. Now, a year after the Rolling Stones contest that launched them to fame, the Sheepdogs are ready to prove themselves once again with their new self-titled album, released Sept. 4.

Propagandhi release Failed States

Propagandhi just keeps getting better. The veteran punk band from Winnipeg released their sixth full-length album, Failed States, Sept. 4 on Epitaph Records. The album is hard-hitting, it’s head banging and it fucks the system like all Propagandhi albums have since their first in 1993.

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