The University of Saskatchewan’s main campus is situated on Treaty 6 Territory and the Homeland of the Métis.


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Tannara Yelland has 94 articles published.

Tannara Yelland has been working at the Sheaf since 2009. She has worked both on the content side, as both associate and senior news editor, and on the design side of the paper, as production manager. She has also worked as the Prairies and Northern Bureau Chief at Canadian University Press. Tannara intends to pursue a career in journalism after graduating with the history degree she began in 2007. Her interest in news and terrifyingly quick wit made her an obvious candidate for the opinions section, where she can dispense both news analysis and acerbic cultural commentary.

Students broke, busier than ever


Student employment has increased over time from just under 30 per cent in 1979-80 to a high of almost 50 per cent in 2007-08 and students are overwhelmingly employed in the service sector.

What should Afghanistan look like when we leave?


The debate about the role of western nations in Afghanistan is framed as a binary: either NATO forces must leave, recognizing that Afghans have the right to self-determination and to control the direction of their nation, or NATO forces must remain in basically the exact same capacity in which they are there now.

U of A professor upset with re-grading


Mikhail Kovalyov has experienced the unpleasant after-effect of standing up for his students. The University of Alberta administration asked the professor to retire early after a conflict regarding what he sees as the arbitrary grading process at the U of A.

ALBUM REVIEW: Public Strain by Women


At first listen, the Calgary foursome sound messy or just plain bad, at least to those who aren't intimately acquainted with the jarring sounds of most art rock. This is not because they are bad ”” on the contrary, they have earned significant and deserved critical acclaim since forming in 2007.

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