The University of Saskatchewan’s main campus is situated on Treaty 6 Territory and the Homeland of the Métis.


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The Internet and secularism: how social media opens our minds to other beliefs and worldviews


In the past five years, the dramatic shift in social media vessels (read: the Internet) has created a new world of communication. Also drastically changed in the past five years: my own religious beliefs. Thanks to the Internet, the world was no longer limited to wherever my feet could take me, parents could drive me or money could fly me. The truth was out there — and I was going to find it. I now know that there were others like me, searching heedlessly for the unknown, rummaging through virtual heaps of trash to find diamonds.

New MAVEN technology to play major role in future of Saskatchewan uranium mining


A new software program that minimizes the environmental impact of mining uranium is underway, with almost $1.5 million being invested by the federal and provincial governments. The goal of this software is to reduce the impact to surface and ground water caused by mining — that is, to decrease the amounts of selenium, cobalt, nickel and other elements released into the environment.

Voters need to get informed: understanding parties and politicians is a critical component of democracy


With the constant stream of advertisements and articles being published, it’s hard to ignore the upcoming provincial election. There is a serious lack of education about the function of government in society, especially in our generation. There is also a lack of appreciation for those who fought for democracy, that I feel non-partisan movements only perpetuate.

Kevin Smith goes to a dark place in Red State


Red State, Kevin Smith’s first venture into the horror genre, is not your standard jump-inducing scary film. The 88-minute long endeavour follows a religious group, the Five Points Church, who are explicitly compared in the movie to the Westboro Baptist Church. Like the real-life fundamentalist church, the Five Points Church protests public events such as the funerals of homosexuals with offensive signs and are all related by “blood and marriage.”

Record number of First Nations and Métis running in provincial election


The legislature in Regina might become a more diverse place after Nov. 7 as a record number of First Nations and Métis candidates vie for seats in the upcoming provincial election. Leading up to the campaigns, a total of 16 aboriginal people have won the nomination of the two main parties. Of the 54 candidates running for the NDP, 11 are aboriginal. And of the Saskatchewan Party’s full roster of 58, five candidates are aboriginal. Although still not official, that is the highest number of aboriginal candidates Saskatchewan has ever seen in a provincial election.

Advocacy group sheds light on the necessity of composting


On Sunday, Sept. 11, the Saskatoon Farmers' Market was host to a composting exhibition put on by environmental advocacy group Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council. The overall goal of the event was to shed some light on what composting is, how it works and why it should be a mainstream practice, similar to recycling.

An argument against basic hygiene: how ditching shampoo helps your hair


Back in my first year of university, long before I traded in my straightener (for something much more useful: wine), I thought about foregoing shampoos and conditioners. Perhaps “thought” is too serious of a word ”” I entertained the idea of not using hair products, sort of in the same way a person daydreams about their ideal job, house or vacation. “Wouldn't it be nice if it were that simple.” Well, it turns out that it is really that simple.

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