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Fight the powers that be: where is the Canadian revolution?


Revolution is upon us, brothers and sisters! Across the globe, hordes of young people are taking to streets, crying for revolution, heckling riot police, smashing a window or two. To some spectators, these demonstrators are reckless anarchists. But the millions of people who have joined revolutions this year aren’t “rioting for the sake of rioting.” That’s more of a drunken hockey fan thing.

Born to grow and grown to die: discovering Townes Van Zandt


Townes Van Zandt is the epitome of a cult musician. He spent most his life playing at dive bars and his record sales were dismal throughout his career. Yet the fans he does have — like the exalted Bob Dylan — are obsessed with his music. When a tiny ad was taken out in Rolling Stone for “The Official Townes Van Zandt Fan Club,” hundreds of people wrote back, quoting his songs, saying the music changed their lives and gave them hope. I feel the same way.

Rock ‘n’ Roll will never die (Neil Young told me so)


Listening to the radio, you can’t help but wonder, is rock music dead? Last year, only three of the UK’s top 100 singles were classified as rock. Of the fifteen best selling albums worldwide, there wasn’t a single guitar band. Don’t ask me why, but kids now think digital instruments are cooler than electric guitars. And after 60 years of rock and roll, some music journalists are pronouncing the genre dead.

Everything is bad or getting worse


When considering the planet today, I feel the glass is half empty. A glass once filled with culture and wildlife has been drained. I see music stores, bookshops and postal services all going out of business. It all makes me feel like a grumpy old man.

’90s-era Simpsons was so smrt — er, smart


Before The Simpsons became a cheap Family Guy clone, it was perhaps the most significant show on television. During the 1990s, The Simpsons was not the gag-reel that it is today. Instead, the show was a scathing review of American society.

The world is ending in 2012, and other wacky conspiracies


I spent my summer in two places: the wilderness and working in a bar. In both venues, I met a lot of people with conspiracy theories. I heard things like "You know, there's a lot of shit going on we aren't told about." “Like what?” I would ask. Then they would start listing things.

Turning our backs on the final frontier


The year is 2011. By now, we should have flying DeLoreans and alien overlords. In reality, 2011 only offers the same crap we saw last decade. What's worse, 2011 marks the end of NASA's manned space shuttle program.

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