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Mood disorders and the creative mind: does mental illness lead to creative insights?


Aristotle once said that “no great genius ever existed without some touch of madness.” People are rarely surprised when they hear an artist took copious amounts of drugs or committed suicide. And when it happens, the media loves to mythologize that artist as “a misunderstood genius.” As a result, we end up thinking that creativity and mental illness are inevitably linked. Perusing my bookshelf and music collection, I do see overwhelming evidence that artists are more susceptible to mood disorders. But are their illnesses making them creative, or are mood and creativity not causally linked; or could mood disorders actually stifle creativity?

Why it’s hard asking out someone from class


“I’m only here for the girls.” I’ll never forget reading this graffiti on my desk years ago. It was like some great poem; phrased with elegant simplicity and delivering a telling message about the human condition. Our classes are filled with attractive, intelligent and — most importantly — available students. It’s one of the major perks of attending university. But from my personal experience, it’s actually quite difficult asking out classmates.

Going to the mall is like a scary amusement park ride, except the lines are worse and it’s more expensive


I hate the mall. Given the choice between going to the mall and taking an anal suppository, I would take the bum pill. It seems better to literally stick something up my ass than feel the deeper, more metaphorical ass-probing I’m treated to at the mall. I don’t believe a fun trip to the mall exists. When I find the product I came for, I leave with buyer’s regret; when I leave empty-handed, I feel I wasted the day — brainwashing myself by staring at consumer goods for hours on end. I always leave thinking I would have been better off spending my time reading, walking or, yes, even inserting a pill up my bum.

Ho ho ho! Merry secular year-end holiday!


On Christmas Day this year, millions of Christians will celebrate the birth of God’s son Jesus Christ. Many secularists will also observe their own Christmas traditions: spending lavishly, earning holiday pay, cutting down trees and hanging coloured light bulbs. Others still will regard the season with disdain because they are either not fans of its message, or not fans of presents and time off work. I respect all these views. The only perspective I don’t like is the person who Bah-humbugs any display of Christmas spirit.

Saskatoon is awesome, and don’t you forget it


When you graduate high school in Saskatoon, you make a big decision: leave this hick town, or sink deeper into a cold, comfortable rut. Turns out there are a million reasons to stay here. And no, The Sheepdogs are not one of them. Beautiful scenery, crazy weather and small-town quaintness are fantastic, assuming you can look past all the stabbings and chlamydia.

Nothing queer about gay penguins


The Toronto Zoo recently came under fire for separating two gay African penguins. According to, penguins Buddy and Pedro display typical courtship behaviors: grooming each other, swimming together and making mating noises at each other. But the zookeepers want to use the penguins’ “top notch” genes to save their species from extinction. The keepers defended their actions saying Pedro and Buddy don’t necessarily have sex — as if to suggest “they aren’t gay because they don’t have gay sex.”

The trouble with angry atheists: fighting for freedom, or just plain fighting?


Every day our Western world becomes more secular. Every Canadian faith is seeing a decline in worship service attendance — save for evangelical Christians. And according to StatsCanada over half of us age 15 to 29 either don’t have a religion or never attend worship services. These trends are welcomed by atheists who feel that faith necessitates intolerance and oppression of non-believers. But there’s an irony among many members of this “free-thought” movement.

The upside of being single


We all know the importance of university in making us better and wiser people. But what really matters is the outer beauty we form in our 20s. It certainly is a sexy time to be alive. In light of this, almost every student fits into two categories: those who are seeing someone, and those who wish they were seeing someone.

What’s so scary about scary movies?


I used to be terrified by horror movies until I realized there’s nothing scary about them. Honestly, when is the last time you were chased by an axe-wielding maniac to the sounds of violins and cellos? Final exams, terminal illnesses and dieing alone – now these are legitimate fears.

Scientists pioneering “mind-reading” technology propose wild advances


Researchers at the University of California in Berkeley are developing technology that may one day read people’s minds. Using fMRI scans, professor Jack Gallant recorded brain activity in three people while they watched hours of movie trailers. The participants scans were then compared to a library containing 18 million seconds of YouTube clips. The end result: a computer screen showing impressive re-creations of the videos they just watched.

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