The University of Saskatchewan’s main campus is situated on Treaty 6 Territory and the Homeland of the Métis.


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U of S lecturer to monitor Kenyan elections


Five years ago Bill Rafoss was forced to flee Kenya because of widespread violence following the country’s presidential election. Now he is gearing up to return to the East African nation for the upcoming 2013 election to try to prevent the coercion from happening again.

Paging: tomorrow’s doctors don white coats


On Sept. 21, first-year medical student Kaitlyn Hughes walked across the stage tentatively to receive her new uniform. As the crisp, white coat was draped on her shoulders she realized the burden it comes with. The University of Saskatchewan’s white coat ceremony introduced 100 new students to the College of Medicine. It is the largest freshman class in the school’s history.

Hey Ocean to perform in Saskatoon Sept. 22


Vancouver-based indie-pop trio Hey Ocean have gained a large fan base across Canada since their formation. Lead singer and flutist Ashleigh Ball, bassist David Vertesi, and guitarist David Beckingham are set to bring their third full-length album, IS, to Saskatoon Sept. 22 at Louis’ Pub as part of their country wide tour.

“First lady” role sidelines talented women


As Barack Obama's popularity has plummeted over the past four years, First Lady Michelle Obama has become one of the most influential figures in America. Her rousing speech at the Democratic National Convention on Sept. 4 revealed just how much powerful the first lady can be.

Sheepdogs showcase versatility with self-titled release


Not too long ago a little-known group of retro rockers took North America by storm and became hometown heroes over night. Now, a year after the Rolling Stones contest that launched them to fame, the Sheepdogs are ready to prove themselves once again with their new self-titled album, released Sept. 4.

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