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Jenna Mann started contributing to the Sheaf last year, writing a variety of articles for the arts section. She wrote recipe reviews, travel articles, documentary, television reviews and art show reviews. This wide scope of her articles prompted the Sheaf to change the name of the arts section to the culture section, landing Jenna the culture editor position. Jenna, who began university in 2007, is pursuing an English degree and a minor in studio art.

Silence! premieres collection of student art


For the past 15 winters, the Visual Arts Student Union has given students a venue to sell their artwork. Silence, an annual silent auction and art exhibit hosted by VASU and held in the Snelgrove gallery, allows students to keep between 50 and 75 per cent of the sales from their artwork depending on whether or not they also volunteer for the function. The remaining percentage goes to VASU.

Yann Martel talks adapting literature for the big screen


In 2001, when Life of Pi was little more than blurb on Canadian author Yann Martel’s agent’s catalogue, Hollywood was already expressing interest in buying the movie rights. Now, after the immense success of the novel, Life of Pi is premiering on the big screen. The Sheaf sat down with the local author to get his take on the big screen adaptation of his book.

University student showcases her art at SCYAP


As a child, Di Decaire’s speech impediment made it difficult for her to communicate. Drawing became the best way she could express herself. She attended speech therapy for 13 years. Now, the current bachelor of fine arts student at the University of Saskatchewan is getting ready to showcase her acrylic paintings at the SCYAP art centre and gallery.

Wreck-It Ralph, more like drink-and-ralph


The movie may have been primarily made for children but it’s enjoyable for people of all ages and can easily be abused for all sorts of adult fun (a.k.a. a movie theatre drinking game.)

These Hands gets creative in the Aquatic Blue


Mike Hanson, who performs under the name These Hands, released his new album Aquatic Blue on Oct. 30. The product is a collection of 12 tracks that took Hanson, along with a few collaborators, eight months to produce.

Hainsworth brings Snelgrove Gallery to life


Alexa Hainsworth is currently presenting her MFA show, Swell, at the Gordon Snelgrove Gallery on campus. The show is a combination of sculptures that she has created over the last two years of her master’s degree in art and art history.

The Pistolwhips release EP, No Tomorrow


Saskatoon rockers The Pistolwhips released their first EP last weekend. The EP, titled No Tomorrow, features four upbeat tracks, which are adapted from songs written primarily by lead vocalist Rylan Schultz.

Zombies 101: how to make yourself drop (un)dead sexy


Oct. 31 is the night of the living dead. You might consider dressing up as something cute, funny or witty, but let’s face it, Halloween is supposed to be about scaring loved ones and strangers with outrageous tricks and outfits. Zombie costumes are classic, cheap and effective, and the Sheaf wants to help you out. Here’s a simplified version of how they make zombie costumes in the movies.

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