The University of Saskatchewan’s main campus is situated on Treaty 6 Territory and the Homeland of the Métis.


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Stall Gallery exhibition on the building blocks of our material world features two evolving Saskatoon artists


The Stall Gallery’s current exhibit focuses on the building blocks of our world, from the inner workings of a pocketwatch to the architecture of our cities. Henry van Seters and Bevin Bradley have vastly differing styles — realist vs. abstract — but their themes work well together. Their paintings are also bereft of human forms. Instead, we are left to ponder the social, architectural and mechanical underpinnings of our world.

Student candidates balance classes, homework and door-knocking


About a dozen university students are balancing their studies with the demands of being candidates in the provincial election. The NDP has five student candidates, the Greens have four and the Sask. Party has one. Alex Mortensen, a University of Regina student running for the NDP in Cypress Hills, says the key is organization.

Follow the evidence: studies show cellphones don’t cause cancer


A new Danish study, published in the British Journal of Medicine, shows conclusively that there is no link between cellphone usage and brain cancer. And it won’t change anything. The problem is that once you take on a belief like cellphones causing cancer, scientific evidence won’t easily sway you. The same goes for people who think vaccines cause autism or that climate change is a huge scam perpetrated by greedy governments and windmill makers.

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Students can win $250 in mental health photo contest


What do you do for your mental health? That’s the question Kristee Gach wants students to consider. “Maybe physical health is a lot more important to people and maybe they forget that without mental health, your physical health could go down as well. I think sometimes it gets overlooked,” said Gach, a fourth-year nursing student.…

U of S administration cites trademark infringement against USSWORD


The University of Saskatchewan is fighting back against a group of elected senators. Established this year, University of Saskatchewan Senators Working to Revive Democracy, or USSWORD, has made a series of controversial statements about how the university is run. On Oct. 6, the university's lawyers at McKercher LLP sent USSWORD a cease and desist letter. However, the university is not claiming any wrongdoing other than trademark infringement.

Top physicists speak at annual undergrad conference


The University of Saskatchewan will have 150 more physics students on campus from Oct. 13 to 16 as part of the Canadian Undergraduate Physics Conference. This will be the 47th year of CUPC, hosted annually since 1965. The U of S has only played host to the conference once before, in 1993. Stephen Wolfram is the creator of the Mathematica programming language and the website Wolfram Alpha, which is billed as a “computational knowledge engine.” Although Wolfram Alpha looks like a search engine, its results are quite different.

Don’t listen to Mark Zuckerberg: anonymity and privacy still have their place


There was a time when most email addresses included references to princesses, sparkles or surfing. Perhaps you remember this time, when MSN Messenger was king and MySpace was still a pedophile’s best friend. People’s online identities are no longer divorced from their offline lives. Our university NSIDs use our initials and it’s likely that the email on your resume is something that identifies you by name — something that never quite did.

Occupy Wall Street movement spreads to Saskatoon


The Occupy Wall Street movement that recently made headlines in New York is gaining traction across the globe. Similar protests have now been staged or are planned in dozens of cities including London, Boston, Seattle, Toronto — and now Saskatoon. An Occupy Saskatoon march is planned for Oct. 15, starting at the University of Saskatchewan Law Building and ending at River Landing. The march takes place at noon and the River Landing gathering at 1:00 p.m.

New sexual assault awareness campaign targets young men


A new sexual assault prevention campaign is underway in Saskatoon, telling young men “Don’t be that guy.” Saskatoon is the fifth city in Canada to promote the campaign that targets 19- to 25-year old males with bathroom posters in bars around town. The main drive is to tell men "to not take advantage of women when they are intoxicated, and not to intoxicate women for the purposes of sex," said Heather Pocock, assistant director of the Saskatoon Sexual Assault and Information Centre.

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