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American primaries can be long and frustrating, but Canada could learn from them


They say that in politics, a year is a lifetime. This certainly seems true every four years when the United States goes through a presidential election. Although the year has just begun, and the election isn’t until Nov. 6, Democrats and Republicans have been eyeing the 2012 election almost since Barack Obama took the last one. As a result of this perpetual campaigning, politicians in both major parties shirk actually making hard choices and governing their country, focusing instead on short-term rhetorical victories and getting the best talking points on TV.

Ilene Busch-Vishniac, McMaster provost, named ninth U of S president


Although members of the search committee knew the identity of the next University of Saskatchewan president for about a month, few others in Convocation Hall on Dec. 19 knew the name Ilene Busch-Vishniac. Busch-Vishniac will be the first woman to hold the office, replacing Peter MacKinnon after 13 years as president. After such a long time with MacKinnon at the helm, and “since there’s obviously not a crisis,” she says she will take her time getting to know the school, as well as its students, faculty and staff. But she also says her outsider’s perspective will help.

The Deep Dark Woods’ Place I Left Behind is a competent but safe effort


Two years ago, if you had to choose one Saskatoon band that was likely to get international acclaim, The Deep Dark Woods was it. The five-piece group’s music has evolved somewhat since 2006’s self-titled debut. On that album, you could hear the country twang louder than the wistful folk of their current sound, and a live show featured just as much dancing as it did swaying.

Band Swap: the most fun you’ll have over the break


This Christmas break, Saskatoon’s musicians come together and create a night of magic — and they give themselves less than 24 hours to do so. It’s that time of year again: Band Swap! Each year, in early December, a one-hour registration window opens to any locals who want to play in the event. Only the first 28 people are chosen for inclusion and, along with seven pre-designated “captains,” have their names drawn from a hat the night before Band Swap to form the temporary bands. Once sorted, musicians try to pick cover songs that match the group’s skillset and, 24 hours later, the new bands take the stage for 20 minutes each.

U of S English graduate student Anne Kelly recipients receives prestigious Rhodes Scholarship


Anne Kelly was born and raised in Saskatoon and has never been away from home for longer than two weeks. In less than a year, however, she will travel to one of the top universities in the world as one of 11 Canadian recipients of the 2011 Rhodes Scholarship. Established in 1903 in the will of British imperialist Cecil Rhodes, the scholarship is meant to draw top students from around the world to study at the University of Oxford in England for up to three years. The 23-year-old Kelly will join 83 other Rhodes Scholars at Oxford starting September 2012.

New U of S survey lab to gauge political attitudes in the province


The day after the Nov. 7 election was a day of rest for many people, but for a University of Saskatchewan research team, the work was just beginning. That day, the first calls went out from the newly established Social Responsibility Research Laboratory to ask over a thousand Saskatchewan residents why they had voted the way they did.

Dorothy Ann Woods

Friends and police still searching for missing Saskatoon woman


There is still no trace of a missing Saskatoon woman nearly two weeks after she first disappeared. Dorothy Ann Woods was last seen leaving her home in the south side of Saskatoon on Nov. 12. The Saskatoon Police Service say the circumstances of the 45-year-old mother of two disappearance are suspicious.

The days of emailing the whole class for notes are over


All university students run into this problem sooner or later: you miss a class and you need the notes, but you don’t have friends you could ask and you don’t want to spam the entire class for lecture notes. What do you do? Notesolution, a note-sharing service founded by three University of Toronto grads, might be the solution for many students. Notesolution expanded to 29 more universities this year, including the University of Saskatchewan, where about 300 students currently use the service. There are now 25,000 users across Canada, according to the company.

Two spaces after a period is wrong, so cut that shit out


There are two kinds of people on this planet: those who type a single space after the end of their sentences, and those who stupidly, inexplicably and unforgivably double-space after the period. I’m not entirely sure where people pick up this quirk, but I suspect it has to do with grade school teachers who themselves learned to type on typewriters, passing their bad habits on to impressionable students. And once learned, the double-spacers seemingly refuse to unlearn this lesson.

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