The University of Saskatchewan’s main campus is situated on Treaty 6 Territory and the Homeland of the Métis.


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Werner Herzog’s Into the Abyss is a sombre, intricate look at capital punishment


Fred Allen, the former captain of the Death House in Huntington, Texas, sat across from acclaimed filmmaker Werner Herzog during an interview, telling him that he had overseen over 125 executions in his time. “We were doing about two per week,” Allen said heavily, “and that was getting tiresome.” It’s hard enough to imagine a crime fit for capital punishment, or the state having a legal right to end a human life for such a crime, but to consider everyone else involved — not just the family, but the people that seem to fade into the background of the situation — is something unexpected.

The 100-mile diet: local eating is challenging, but rewarding


Trying to eat food that wasn't shipped across the world can be hard. This is even more so when you limit yourself to food grown within 100 miles. Especially in Saskatchewan ”” in the winter. But just because it is hard to make the transition doesn't mean it's not well worth it. Eating local is great for a variety of reasons: you get to support your local farmers and economy, reduce your carbon footprint and know where your food is actually coming from.

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