The University of Saskatchewan’s main campus is situated on Treaty 6 Territory and the Homeland of the Métis.


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The Sheepdogs learn to burn


The Sheepdogs are running back to Saskatoon after a three-week tour of eastern Canada and the north-eastern U.S., which concluded at Toronto's Canadian Music Week.

Freddie Mercury revived


Craig Pesco is a Freddie Mercury impersonator and lead-singer of the Queen cover band Queen - It's a Kinda Magic. The band has gotten lots of rave reviews, including the endorsement of Freddie Mercury's personal assistant, Peter Freestone.

Deep Dark Woods mourn Regina’s Plains Hotel


“Nail up the windows and close up the doors, Good Time Charlie's is no more,” laments the Deep Dark Woods' lead-singer, Ryan Boldt, in the opening line to their newest single, which is part of CBC's Great Canadian Song Quest.

Killer Coke is no joke


Cinema Politica, a Montreal-based media arts network, along with the NFB are currently touring the documentary The Coca-Cola Case across Canada, but it hasn't been easy for them.

bpNichol Lane and the place of poetry


“Really, 'Lane'?” I said. “It's more of a shitty back alley.” My girlfriend took my hand in sympathy. We had walked a long way, through some bitter winds, only to find ourselves on the University of Toronto campus in a decrepit, non-descript back way. It was getting dark.

The Dude abides


In these uncertain times there doesn't seem to be much a person can count on. Fortunately, one can still take solace in the fact that the Coen brothers' comedic masterpiece The Big Lebowski refuses to go away. Unlike the economy, its cult status continues to grow with each new generation.

White Whale Saskatoon showcase


Though initially a tour comprised of six bands, White Whale Records will be doing a truncated version of their five-year anniversary party here in Saskatoon on June 29. Two indie bands from Toronto, Octoberman and Mohawk Lodge, will be joined by Edmonton rocker Eamon McGrath for a night of eclectic rock music. Whether you're a fan of Canadian indie music or not, this show should be pretty damn wicked ”” if for no other reason than the varied sounds of these three groups.

Montreal metalheads invade the city


Montreal metal gurus Derelict came ripping through town at the end of May, slaying an audience of intense metal-heads at Walker's Nightclub with their exuberant but deadly brand of extreme music. Though based in Montreal, Derelict have more than one Saskatoon connection. Impressively, they have managed to steal one of Saskatoon's best psych-rock drummers, all the while getting their music released on the Saskatoon label Somnambulist Sound (run by Skot Hamilton of The New Jacobin Club and Adolyne).

The mother of all Dadas


The Baroness Else Von Freytag-Loringhoven is a relatively obscure historical figure. Though she ran in artistic circles which included Ezra Pound, Marcel Duchamp and William Carlos Williams, the influence of her life and art has been largely unacknowledged. In the early 20th century, the Baroness (who acquired her title from one of her numerous husbands, a German baron) brought Dada to America.

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