The University of Saskatchewan’s main campus is situated on Treaty 6 Territory and the Homeland of the Métis.


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Grumpy old man gains unwanted celebrity in Winnebago Man


When a few choice words were made public from the outtakes of a Winnebago commercial, actor Jack Rebney lost his job. He may even have forgotten all about the video that got him fired in the first place, but nothing stays hidden long in the YouTube age.

RESTAURANT REVIEW: Kelly’s Kafe knows what you need


Tucked in between warehouses, big rigs and long tracts of cement and gravel, one of Saskatoon's finest diners lurks, almost unnoticed by the passing cars on the nearby Idylwyld freeway. Kelly's Kafe ”” once an infamous bar and restaurant located just east of Market Mall ”” has reopened in a new location outside of the exhibition grounds.

Julie Doiron goes back to basics with latest project


With all the loud, idiosyncratic projects Julie Doiron has worked on in the past, it seems oddly natural for her to go back-to-the-basics and turn to her current project, Daniel, Fred & Julie, a stripped-down folksy affair with three-part harmonies sung over traditional ballads.

Vivefest2 opens up the summer concert season


The upcoming music season gets a head start this year with Vivefest2. On April 17, seven bands overtake three stages at the Concordia Club for what promises to be a packed night of Canadian indie-rock jams.

B.A. Johnston whizzes into Saskatoon’s heart


B.A. Johnston has become one of Canada's most cherished cult musicians. His shows in Saskatoon are received with the kind of enthusiasm usually reserved for New Year's Eve or a good-looking cousin's Bat Mitzvah. But why is a rotund, sweaty, short dude with a Casio bringing out the kids?

RIP Alex Chilton


Alex Chilton is gone. He died in a New Orleans hospital of what doctors called a heart attack. Fans, of course, know better: Chilton died of a broken heart ”” too many powerfully sad songs.

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