The University of Saskatchewan’s main campus is situated on Treaty 6 Territory and the Homeland of the Métis.


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Graduate students Inhabit the gallery


In Inhabit the Gordon Snelgrove Gallery’s space is transformed into the site of construction, a myriad of mental and creative processes unfolding. From the static to the dynamic, from the gallery as graveyard to the gallery as growing, the graduate students will be treating the big white space as a come-and-go workplace where viewers can visit multiple times, see the site evolve and have the opportunity to interact with artists at work. "The concept of the show is that there is no show," said Eileen Murray, one of the graduate students practicing painting and photography at the University of Saskatchewan.

Graduate students’ exhibition Construct! explores artistic interaction


The current exhibition at the Gordon Snelgrove Gallery is Construct!, an MFA visual arts exhibition showcasing work from students of both the University of Regina and the University of Saskatchewan. This show not only provides art lovers with an opportunity to view work from artists they may not be familiar with, but also with a chance to muse upon the flavourful collision of artists navigating through the Masters program.

Snelgrove Gallery exhibitions explore the space in us and around us


Two graduates from the B.F.A. program, Vanya Hanson and Lindsay Klassen, both have something to say about the way we deal with the space around us, within us and even on us. Shell, the show by Vanya Hanson takes space and turns it into a mystifying playground. As I walked into the Snelgrove Gallery I was drawn by noises of echoes, bubbles, resonance and small speech. This place is as provocative as it is ambient: warm peaches, purples, oranges and beiges surrounded with accents of blue and green light. It is both alien and of-the-body.

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