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Most ridiculous movie costumes: 2010 edition


Every year around Halloween you'll likely come across countless articles about the best costumes for that year. Well, seems like you've found another, except I'm going to focus on the worst costumes you could pick.

The Sheaf ”˜likes’ The Social Network


The Social Network is the new movie about Mark Zuckerberg, the Harvard undergraduate genius (now billionaire) who created Facebook, the titular network with 500 million members that revolutionized the way we use the Internet and connect with each other.

The Sheaf goes to the Toronto International Film Festival


When you're sitting in the movie theatre and take a peek to your right and see that Danny Boyle and James Franco are sitting two rows away from you, you realize that you are not at a normal film screening. This kind of thing can only happen at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Summer movie recap: the good, the bad and the average


How does one define the summer movie season? In our polarized culture, people tend to label things as either The Best or The Worst. If you've read any online movie criticism over the past four months, you'll surely know that this summer has been labeled one of the worst ever.

Predictions for the Oscars


The 82nd Annual Academy Awards are coming around on March 7, so it's due time to look at who will likely win. These are my picks for who will go home with a little golden statue at the Oscars.

Paranormal Activity is genuinely scary


Hailed as this decade's Blair Witch Project and inspiring independent filmmakers everywhere, Paranormal Activity is an ultra low budget, shaky-cam horror film chronicling the haunting of an ordinary American couple.

Spaced: the epitome of referential comedy


Most filmgoers of the past six years will recognize at least one of the gentlemen best known for the subversive comedies Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. However, unknown to most filmgoers is that these three comedic geniuses were first united in a British sitcom that debuted 10 years ago this past September. The name of the show was Spaced and North American audiences desperately need to be introduced to it.

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