Which fast food joint has the best hash browns?

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When you’re in a hurry and looking for a quick breakfast to keep you running ‘til lunch, fast food comes to the rescue with all its grease and preservative-filled goodness. And what compliments breakfast better than hash browns? It’s the perfect companion to every breakfast wrap or English muffin sandwich.

Though it is self-evident that hashbrowns are great food at the baseline, there are levels to it. Which fast food joint has the best hash browns? Here’s a ranking — though not a comprehensive one — of the best hash browns in town.

4. Burger King

 Coming in at fourth place are the Burger King “hash browns.” I have some feelings about this one because they’re smaller and bite-sized.

Personally, I think hash browns should be either shredded or in the traditional patty shape. So let’s call these what they are — tater tots.

They are saved by their convenient size, which makes them better suited for kids or hash brown rookies. They aren’t greasy, but a bit too potato-ey for me.

Honestly, I can’t get over the fact that these hash browns are actually tater tots, which is why they come in at fourth place.

3. Taco Bell

These hash browns are a bit skinnier than you’d expect, which adds to the crunchiness. However, it’s almost overpowering and kind of feels like all crunch and no potato.

There isn’t much to say about these hash browns. They’re just alright. Pair it with a burrito and some Tums and you’re golden.

2. Tim Hortons

If you just love potatoes, these are the hash browns for you. While they’re not the best ones out there, they’re not that bad either.

Tim’s hash browns have an appetizing golden brown look and a great crunch to them on the outside, but the insides are a bit too mushy for my taste. They’re also a little dry, so make sure you get some dipping sauce or a drink to pair with this one.

Finally, if you’ve been to Tim’s more than once, you know that their food changes with the hour, location, weather and worker. There is no such thing as consistency in the world of Tim Hortons, so take this one with a grain of salt. It’s kind of a toss-up that depends on which location you go to.

1. McDonald’s

If you’re looking for the best hash browns while you’re on the run, look no further than to the famous golden arches. These ones are for the connoisseurs.

Their hash browns have all the elements of goodness. They’re golden brown with a beautifully satisfying crunch, they almost melt in your mouth and the flavour is there.

This is one of McDonald’s best options and is made even better by the fact that, unlike the ice cream machine, the hash brown machine is never broken

Tomilola Ojo/ Culture Editor

Graphic: Shawna Langer/ Graphics Editor