Kienan’s Nourishment Reviews: Stove Top Turkey Stuffing

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Stuffing. The illustrious fluffy stuff you stuff in your gut. Now that the Christmas season is over, my local Extra Foods (perhaps one of the last on Earth) has put their Kraft Stove Top turkey stuffing on sale. 

For only $0.97 a box, Stove Top stuffing has made up the majority of my diet since the holidays. The stuffing never seems to stop flowing. Last week, I purchased what I thought were their last four boxes only to discover the shelf completely restocked and still on sale.

Now, my mother’s stuffing is objectively the best stuffing that has ever been made, however, conventional holiday stuffing requires a turkey to actually be stuffed. 

As a student, I have neither the time nor the money to constantly be roasting turkeys, so I find myself needing an alternative way to put this yummy bread substance inside my stomach. Hence, I eat Stove Top.

Now for the review.


It tastes like warm bread (there are actually other flavours in there too, which is a nice little bonus).

Extra Foods practically pays you to buy it.

It’s easier to make than Kraft Dinner.


Never as good as homemade stuffing, especially that which has been properly stuffed in a bird.

Even on the best days, the texture of Stove Top can only be described as wet and mushy.


Just buy it. Stove Top is stupendous, stellar, stunning, stuffing.